Mysterious structure in Egyptian desert is UFO bunker say enthusiasts

A mysterious structure spotted in the Egyptian desert has alien enthusiasts convinced it is an ultra-secret UFO bunker. The structure, which is visible on Google Earth, is definitely unusual, but none of its features suggest an extraterrestrial link, that is, if you are not an avid UFO seeker.

What looks like some kind of large complex can be seen in the arid landscape east of Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, at the following coordinates: 30° 1’14.40″N 31°43’17.49″E. It has two buildings that point outward, as well as some unusual circles.

Its super-modern design has many people wondering what it could be used for. Some observers have suggested it could be used for UFO research.

Mysterious structures in Egyptian desertWhat could these be? The structures are quite near to Cairo. (Source: Google Earth)

‘Secret’ next to highway?

In a Secureteam10 video (bottom of page), as the speaker talks he zooms into the Google Earth image and explains that the bizarre structure is just a few miles from Cairo. A highway (UK: motorway) is clearly visible very near the structure, which surely kills the ‘ultra-secret‘ claim, wouldn’t it?

The speaker says:

“Some people have suggested it is the entrance to a secret military base of some sort, or possibly a hardened tank or artillery position. But I’m not so sure about that … Egypt … does not have a very advanced military.”

Some people suggested to Secureteam10 that they noticed Freemason-type features in the structures. There is another structure close by that looks very much like a ventilation system.

Secret next to highwayThere is no way an ultra-secret facility would be built so near a busy road. (Image: Google Earth)

One viewer suggested that it could be the entrance to the underground, interconnected, intercontinental subway system that wraps around the Earth. Secureteam10 then showed some photos of ‘tunnel making equipment’ used across the world, making thousands of miles of tunnels. However, the only images shown are those of tunneling equipment used when the Channel Tunnel (tunnel from England to France) was being built.

The comments by people who saw the video range from sensible and likely possibilities, to wild conspiracy theory-sci-fi fantasies.

UFO Channel wrote: “Awesome video Secureteam10, eyes to the sky my friend. Disclosure is soon, the ancients did say they will return again, meaning so the public can see them.”

Irwan Setiawan wrote: “It’s too close to the main street. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think its a ‘secret’ base.”

Video – Weird structure in Egypt

In this Secureteam10 video, a mysterious structure in the Egyptian desert is clearly visible. But what is it?