NASA releases International Space Station mobile app

NASA has released a new mobile app for those interested in the hundreds of experiments that are conducted on the International Space Station.

It provides almost everything you need to know about what the station does.

The app, called the Space Station Research Explorer, offers information on current ISS experiments, facilities and research results via interactive media, video, and in-depth descriptions.

The app has an experiments section which has six categories and their subcategories. Experiments are shown as dots within the category system and stems connecting the dots to the system depict the length of time the experiment spent on orbit.


The Space Station Research Explorer provides current information on ISS experiments through interactive media, and in-depth descriptions. Image Credit: NASA

Users can drill down to see specific experiments within the categories and subcategories or use the search feature for information on a specific experiment or subject.

The Facilities section offers users an interior view and tour of science components aboard three of the station modules; Columbus, Kibo, and Destiny. It allows people to find information on experiments on individual racks.

The media section features podcasts, videos and games. The Games section contains a game that introduces players to the differences in gravity when tossing a ball. Podcasts contains links to NASA ScienceCasts and Videos contains links to Science related videos.

NASA app

The Space Station Research Explorer app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

People can download the app via iTunes or Google Play.