New redesigned 100 dollar bill

The Federal Reserve has announced the issue of the new redesigned 100 dollar bill, to be released on October 8th, 2013.

The new bill incorporates new security features including a blue, 3-dimensional security ribbon, making it harder to make fake notes and easier for people to authenticate.

The new design was announced in 2010. However, its introduction was delayed because of some unexpected production problems.

In order to make sure there is a smooth transition to the redesigned note when it enters circulation today, the U.S. Currency Education Program is reaching out to consumers and businesses globally to raise awareness about the new design and explain to them details regarding its security features.

The Department of the Treasury says it has developed training material for people who whose jobs involve handling cash. These materials can be downloaded or ordered.

redesigned 100 dollar bill

The news $100 dollar bills are much harder to counterfeit.

Questions regarding the new $100 dollar note should be sent by email to [email protected].

According to USA Today, the engraving process in this new $100 note includes the effect of raised printing. As you pass your fingers along the surface you can feel its distinctive texture.

Redesigned 100 dollar notes are much harder to fake

Fox News says that these new notes are receiving a much-needed makeover in an effort to undermine sophisticated counterfeiters. In 2012, authorities had to shred more than 30 million $100 notes.

This is the last dollar bill to undergo The Color of Money face lift that started in 2003. The new $20 and $50 bills went into circulation in 2003 and 2004, and the $10 in 2006.

The Department of the Treasury says the redesigned currency is safer, smarter and more secure:

  • Safer – because it is easier to check and harder to fake.
  • Smarter – to stay ahead of sophisticated conterfeiters.
  • More secure – to protect the integrity of the national currency.

The new design includes subtle background colors, making it much more burdensome for fakers, because it adds complexity to the process when one tries to make convincing copies. Despite the extra color, the new notes still have the distinct size, look and feel of traditional American currency.

The U.S. Treasury redesigns its currency every seven to ten years, in order to stay ahead of conterfeiters.

Video – Federal reserve introduces the redesigned 100 dollar note

Dollar notes or dollar bills? Which is correct?

When talking about paper money, U.S. authorities use the term ‘notes’ and rarely say or write ‘bills’. The U.S. general public and media tend to use the word ‘bill’ more frequently than ‘note’.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland only the term ‘note’ is used when referring to paper money. In those two countries, a 100 pound bill can only refer to, for example, a 100 pound electricity or water bill.

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