Introduction of New Salik Gates in Abu Dhabi

Every vehicle driver/owner in Dubai is used to toll gates or the “Salik” system, which has existed in UAE since 2007.

In an attempt to mitigate traffic overcrowding and foster the use of eco-friendly transport facilities, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport and Integrated Transport Centre has proclaimed a currently-introduced toll fee on four significant flyovers in Abu Dhabi.

Selling any car at a feasible rate has become a worrisome issue for many across UAE.

Salik gates Sheikh Zayed Flyover image
The Sheikh Zayed Flyover.

Where will these toll gates be positioned?

The currently-introduced road fee will enter into force on 15th October 2019 and will exist on the following routes: –

  • The Sheikh Zayed Flyover: – This flyover will impact engineers who transmute from Abu Dhabi town to the Khalifah downtown, Masdar, terminal, Shahama, Samha along with Dubai.
  • Mussafah Flyover: – this route will be utilized by engineers commuting from Al Khaleeji Al Arabi Route to Mohamed Bin Zayed Town.
  • Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Flyover: – this popular route is located along Abu Dhabi – Al Falah Road, for those commuting from Abu Dhabi to Saadiyat and Yas Island, Shahama and Dubai.
  • Al Maqtaa Flyover: – This bridge links the Abu Dhabi city to Al Ain and Al Maqtaa regions, commuters use it to reach the airport.

How much will the Salik tolls be?

Drivers will pay AED 4 for using any of the mentioned toll gates on weekdays at rush-hours. AED 2 will be charged on commuters who utilize these toll gates beyond rush-hours, Fridays, and public holidays.

Multiple uses of the Saliks will cost a maximum of AED 16.

Automobiles will be reviewed often, passenger buses carrying a minimum of 26 passengers will be exempt.

How will the new fee be charged?

This toll will be imposed through E-Systems. All vehicles in Abu Dhabi will voluntarily be enrolled into it. This online system, which commences on 30th August 2019, will assure the automatic and free-of-cost registration of vehicles.

In view of the increase in poll fees, some people may want to sell their vehicle.

What about automobiles enrolled outside Abu Dhabi?

All cars need to be registered in the new e-system before 15th October 2019, maximum within 10 days after the introduction of this system.

If not, they’ll be a charged AED 100 fine on day one, AED 200 on day two, and AED 400 on day three. If this is regularly violated, a maximum amount of AED 10,000 may be imposed and automobiles enrolled outside Abu Dhabi will be charged AED 15 for not maintaining an adequate balance.

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