Nintendo to make classic games available on smartphones?

Does Nintendo plan to make its classic games available on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets? Rumors are rife about a new patent published by the Japanese multinational consumer electronics company that would allow it to emulate its old games on new hardware.

Analysts believe Nintendo plans to get its traditional, much-loved games into airlines’ entertainment systems as well as portable devices.

To be able to do this, the Kyoto-based company will need to adapt the games, which were originally created around proprietary hardware systems, for use in today’s technology. This is called emulation.

Emulation, in this case, means adapting a piece of software so that it works in different hardware to the original one. Thus, people with modern devices could play the old Nintendo Entertainment System or Game Boy on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

This is not the first time Nintendo emulates older games into new hardware. Its Wii and Wii U consoles can download versions of older-generation titles. Android and PC users can also get third-party emulation software programs.

Nintendo is likely to create an app for Apple devices, even though the company dislikes third party emulation because of copyright issues.


If Nintendo does create new apps, people will be able to play its classic games on smartphones, tablets and home computers.

Pirate emulation programs for classic-Nintendo games have been extremely popular for the last ten years, so its not surprising the company is interested in doing this itself, and legally.

Older Nintendo consoles did not last very long, which is why old die-hards have resorted to illegal software.

Nintendo believes that if it created its own apps, those customers, who currently play classic games illegally, would happily pay a nominal fee.