Online Marketing in China – A Guide

Online marketing is essential for every company/brand to promote their services and products in China. China has the largest internet community in the world with over  800 million Chinese available online. If you want to work successfully in the Chinese market, you must understand the habits of the Chinese population on social media and the web.

Unlike other countries, the main online giants are not Facebook or Amazon, but Alibaba and WeChat. Companies or brands must sell their services or products through Chinese websites.  You will need a massive infrastructure to access Chinese clients. A prominent SEO service, can develop the visibility of your business website and e-commerce store in China, with the help of  their marketing strategies.

Communication and Branding

International businesses in China must have a focused strategy to define their products clearly. You have to provide critical information to your target audience. A new business should study the Chinese market to understand the expectations of the potential customer regarding new goods. The purchasing power of these customers is designed around Weibo and WeChat, because social media influences their daily life. With the help of social media, brands can engage consumers of China through powerful marketing strategies.

You can reach out to your new audience through smartphones and online channels. To do so companies must develop online products and sell them through Chinese websites. Online shopping is famous in China, and they prefer their smartphones for shopping. So it is necessary to target mobile traffic to increase your profit. Since western digital firms are blocked, you have to pay attention to domestic platforms. Brands have to pay attention to the spending habits of the Chinese audience. By using SEO services, you will be alerted to what attracts them, to choose the best language, and method to bring relevant traffic on your business website.

Rules of Chinese Websites

WeChat is essential, and every business must have a website on it for the China market. Hosting websites require a registered entity and ICP Licenses in China. If you are in Hong Kong, you can transfer hosting to the Chinese mainland. SEO service providers prefer websites in China instead of depending on external content from outside. Advertising may be based on SEM PPC (pay-per-click), CPM (click-per-mile), CPC (cost-per-click) and other procedures used by search engines.  Chinese social media offers great marketing opportunities with the use of SEO accounts. These accounts help you to do business with, JD and WeChat. A brand may purchase e-shops from Tmall or JD for online marketing.

Engage Customers and Be Visible

You can promote your brand or company, and  attract a large target audience in China with their local social media, such as WeChat and Sina Weibo. Brands may advertise by paying for their pages on SEO service providers, who have the ability and local charisma to highlight strategic points and choose relevant keywords.

A  highly qualified  SEO can attract Chinese customers, and bring success to your business or brand in the huge Chinese market.