Outdoor Signage Design: Bolster Your Sales with Strategic Visuals

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With the rise of technology, a lot of businesses have already shifted to the online world. However, no matter how high-tech the world is, there are still businesses that need an actual location such as cafes, clothing stores, and restaurants. And when it comes to doing business, people have to know that the enterprise exists. The best way to do that is to add a custom business signs.

So, it might be time to ask, why are outdoor signages essential? Aside from the recognition, it attracts the attention of potential customers and invites them to the store. As a result, there is a possibility of increasing revenue. Overall, the signs act as a doorway that allows brands to communicate with their patrons about their company’s story and their products.

Hence, it is essential that custom business signage is designed well. Whether it is for permanent or temporary use, customers must be able to tell the company’s identity even from afar. So, when it comes to putting these signs out there, consistency is the key.

Before settling down into using a single design, it is best to know what fits the needs of the business first.

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Types of Signage Designs

Unknown to many, there is actually a variety of designs available for signages. While most of them aim to promote, there are also some that aids in informing and entertaining anyone who sees it. Here are some examples:

Outdoor Signage

For businesses with good foot traffic, placing outdoor signages would entice people to come inside the establishment. It is great to generate awareness of the store, and at the same time, put their best offer out there for everyone to see.

Informational Signage

Basically, informational signage gives information to people as soon as they see what is written on it. Think of the signs on the freeway that tells direction, or how to properly wash hands before going out of the restroom, these are only a few examples of informational signages.

Persuasive Signs

A persuasive sign directs customers with an irresistible call-to-action which makes them want to buy the offer on-the-spot.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage

ADA compliant signage is required in establishments to encourage inclusivity and make it easy for everyone to accomplish tasks inside the store.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires signages to be:

  1. Easily seen in public and employee areas
  2. Designed with contrasting colors and non-glare finish
  3. Compliant to the Grade 2 Braille with proper dimensions rule for signs that identify a room
  4. Pliant with the text font and style. The text must be in uppercase, sans serif.
  5. Pliant to the rule that ISA (wheelchair) symbols should be used wherever applicable along with other pictograms.

Mats are great interactive pieces that help direct customers within the store.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a type of outdoor signage that uses LED display technology for detailed imaging. In contrast to static outdoor signs, digital signage LED allows for display of multiple ads, messages, or video content to grab the eye of foot traffic.

Why Use Custom Business Signage?

Making a sale is not as easy as it seems, it requires a tremendous amount of patience, creativity, and persuasiveness to even make one. A custom business signage does all these for business owners even without doing anything. Other advantages of acquiring one are the following:

  • Gives people who pass by (even the ones who are not that interested) the chance to see what a store has to offer
  • A chance to increase revenue
  • Acts as a salesperson in leading customers where they need to be

Of course, even if it is placed in the busiest area in town, if these posters do not serve their purpose, all efforts will go to waste.

Optimizing Signage Designs

When crafting signage, these guides would make it easy to grab the attention of people passing by and be successful in its goals.


With the fast-paced life of everyone, there are some people who only have a couple of seconds to look at the billboards. Hence, keep in mind that people should be able to read and understand what is written on the custom business signage. According to Design Shack, it should be “big and simple for maximum impact.”

Another recommendation by the design expert is the 10:100 ratio. The letters in the ad should be 10 inches per 100 feet of distance.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

Selling should be quick and simple. Cut down to the chase and tell people what they may get as soon as they see the signage. It would be easier than having to constantly explain what they should buy and why they should purchase it today.

For example, instead of putting “delicious sandwich loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato for $5” in the description, try something like “healthy, delicious BLT sandwich that would make you feel full in one bite for $5.” Be clear with what you want to offer and why, and those products would probably sell themselves.

Splash some colors

Gone are the days where black and white reigns the advertising industry. It used to be such a patronized duo for signage designing but if the signs do not stand out these days, it would just be lost in the crowd.

According to thelogocompany.net, colors and psychology go together when designing anything. It appeals to the emotions of the people, and at the same time gives it the splash of color it needs. Some examples are:

  • Yellow for optimism
  • Orange for a friendly output
  • Red for excitement
  • Violet for creativity/productivity
  • Blue for strength or trust
  • Green for peace and nature
  • Gray or white for balance or calm

Should You Have a Custom Business Signage?

The answer is always going to be yes. No matter what type of business there is, it is always best to generate customer awareness. Not only does it increase brand retention, but there is also a high chance that it would pique the curiosity of people, who may or may not have the intention to buy as long as it is done in the best creative yet productive way possible.


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