Parents of young kids more likely to leave Netflix for Disney+

Disney+ is set to launch in the United States on November 12, 2019.

According to a recent survey, parents of young children are more than twice as likely as non-parents to leave Netflix for Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney+.

Streaming Observer and Mindnet Analytics carried out an online survey of 602 random male and female Netflix subscribers in the US. The goal of the survey was to determine the impact of Disney’s soon-to-be released streaming service on Netflix subscribers.

“We asked a range of questions to find out if customers were interested in what Disney+ is going to be offering and if the new service would influence their decision to continue their Netflix subscription,” the report said. 

12.3% of respondents said they “might cancel Netflix and get Disney+” while 2.2% of respondents said they will “definitely” cancel Netflix.

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The report noted:

“With just under 14.5% of subscribers indicating they might leave the service, that represents nearly 9 million customers. That represents $116.9 million a month of potential lost revenue for Netflix. This echoes the anger many subscribers expressed in 2017 when learning Netflix would be losing Disney content.

“Of course, the reality is many people who threaten to cancel won’t actually follow through and do so. However, even if it’s just the 2.2% of subscribers who indicate they will definitely cancel that end up doing so, that still represents 1.3 million domestic customers at a time when Netflix’s growth in the US is stalling.”

A fifth of respondents said they plan on subscribing to both streaming services.

A surprisingly high percentage of respondents said that they plan on trying Disney’s streaming service when it comes out. 37.5% of respondents said they will try Disney+ when it comes out, while 40% have no interest in the service.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that parents of children are more likely than non-parents to cancel Netflix in favor of Disney+.

23% of parents with kids 15 and younger in their household said that they may cancel Netflix and subscribe to Disney+ instead, while just 10% of those without kids said they will possibly cancel.

“While Netflix has been steadily adding more kids content to its library, it’s hard to imagine it can match what Disney offers on this front, which could be a source of concern for the streaming giant,” the report said.