Plastic surgery search engine optimization: tried and true methods to raise your rankings

A proliferation of plastic surgery clinics can be seen across the United States as society becomes increasingly open to and supportive of the idea that “looking your best” is important. Which means there’s more competition than ever for the plastic surgery leads you want?

With so much competition, how can you make sure you’re getting your fair share of leads and patients? The first order of business is to get good at plastic surgery search engine optimization.

What exactly is search engine optimization for cosmetic surgery?

SEO refers to techniques used to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results, such as Google.

Google will be better able to show your cosmetic surgery website in search results to those who are looking for what you’re selling if it has a clear image of what you do, who you serve, where you’re located, and what services you offer.

The sophisticated and ultimately enigmatic algorithms that power Google’s search results are designed to return relevant results for any query. This is why Google has become the dominant search engine, surpassing even the likes of Yahoo and Bing.

This algorithm is efficient. It is your responsibility as a plastic surgery clinic to educate Google’s algorithm about your specialty.

That’s where search engine optimization for plastic surgery comes in.

SEO for plastic surgeons: why is it crucial?

You need to invest in professional SEO services for your plastic surgery clinic if you want it to succeed in the long run. The reason for this is that search engine optimization (SEO) connects you to people who are actively looking for a plastic surgeon.

For example, someone could use Google to search for “plastic surgeons near me” or “breast augmentation cost Austin, TX.” This is how search engine optimization (SEO) works. Your plastic surgery website should show up in the search results if it contains this data and your SEO is up to par.

If you’ve done a great job with SEO, your site will appear first in search engine results. More patients, consultations, and operations performed at your clinic are the direct result of increased visibility.

SEO Results for Plastic Surgery

These 9 techniques will get your plastic surgery website off to a great start with search engine optimization. Undeniably, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To get your practice in front of the proper people online, there are a lot of things you could do, but these are the first 10 you should focus on right now.

The 9 Best SEO Tactics for Plastic Surgeons

The purpose of this article is to provide you with ten search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that you may implement immediately to expand your cosmetic surgery practice. You’ll be hooked on search engine optimization (SEO) for plastic surgery practices once you observe the increasing flow of new patients.

1. Make sure your site is search engine optimized (SEO)

These days, it’s not enough to have a website. SEO (search engine optimization) is essential.

People who conduct online searches for plastic surgery typically desire extensive information before visiting a clinic, giving you a wealth of material for you to optimize search engine results.

Picture “before and after” pictures of all your cosmetic treatments, price estimates, and blogs discussing the benefits and drawbacks of plastic surgery.

People don’t just decide to have plastic surgery without first doing a tone of research. You should take heart from that.

If you use keywords and phrases optimized for search engines to answer their inquiries on your website, you will see a dramatic increase in both your site traffic and your search engine ranks.

Boosting the SEO of sites devoted to individual treatments and surgeries can be done by including a detailed section of frequently asked questions.

For more targeted advice on improving the visibility of your website’s treatments and conditions pages in Google search results, please refer to the following plastic surgeon SEO guidelines.

2. Implement a Local Search Engine Optimization Plan for Plastic Surgeons

Most folks won’t go out of their way to find a plastic surgeon in another city.

Consequently, it is crucial that you optimize your internet presence using all the local plastic surgery SEO tactics available to plastic doctors.

Include the name of your city or region in the text of your website, as well as in tags, descriptions, file names, and other places where it might be found.

If you want your company to be visible on Google Maps and rise in search engine results, you need to claim your Google My Business Listing.

As we’ve already mentioned, though, people aren’t eager to go to great lengths to have cosmetic surgery. More consultations and surgeries can be booked if potential patients see that you are conveniently located near them.

3. Create an outstanding blog

Did you realize that blogs send roughly 80% of all traffic to websites? Someone who is interested in plastic surgery and has a query will likely type in that question. People will go to your blog post if it appears high in the search results and provides the information they need.

If you’re looking for information on how to heal after butt lift surgery, you should visit the website that comes in at number three in the US. True or false? It’s written in the form of a blog entry.

Moreover, while they are waiting for an answer to their query, they will likely look around the rest of your blog. On average, it takes 11 pieces of material for a person to take any kind of meaningful action.

Spending more time on your site is good for your search engine rankings since it means more people are engaging with your content.

Because they followed your link and spent time on your site, Google knows that the material you offer is of high quality.

Since Google’s mission is to provide its users with the most relevant and high-quality information possible, if the search engine finds that your site provides real value to its users, it will promote it in the search results.

Adding fresh blog posts on a consistent basis demonstrates to search engines like Google that you care about maintaining a current and relevant website for your visitors.

4. Make sure your plastic surgery website is accessible on mobile devices.

As of late, mobile devices account for roughly 60% of all internet queries, and Google will give preference to mobile-friendly sites in search engine results.

If your website is mobile-friendly, it will display properly on smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices. So, a client can do a mobile search for cosmetic surgery while waiting to pick up the kids from school, on the train, or in the locker room of a gym.

There is a lot of “first come, first served” in todays competitive online industry.

Potential patients looking for a plastic surgeon will go elsewhere if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Fast. No matter how well your plastic surgery SEO, mobile marketing, or other online promotional efforts have been receiving results, your market is simply too competitive to allow you to rest on your laurels.

5. Ramp up your efforts on social media

We’re not even talking about Facebook advertisements, which are extremely valuable in their own right.

We’re talking about being active on Facebook, Instagram, and the other key social media sites for the plastic surgery industry. Aesthetics are crucial to the success of your plastic surgery clinic.

People visit you to enhance their appearance, and in turn, improve their mood. Putting your work out there for everybody to see is the best form of promotion there is. In addition, social networking platforms don’t charge anything.

What role does a plastic surgeon’s social media presence have in search engine optimization? Backlinks.

The SEO fire is fueled by every high-quality link pointing back to your site. The importance of having high-quality links cannot be overstated; avoid purchasing black hat backlinks at all costs. These are connections that lead nowhere and are used to fool search engines into thinking your site has a high page rank.

All of your hard work optimizing for search engines will be for naught if Google finds out you’ve been engaging in black hat tactics, at which point they’ll ban your site. Never, ever do it.

6. Create videos for YouTube.

Because Google owns YouTube, having more videos on the platform will increase your site’s ranking in Google’s search results.

In addition, if you invest in excellent plastic surgery SEO, your videos will appear near the top of search results when people look for information about plastic surgery online.

Always put a link to your website in the YouTube description. The more other websites that connect to yours, the better.

7. Invest in expert keyword research

Speculation falls short of actual knowledge. You could take a stab in the dark and try to figure out what people in your area are looking for when they Google “plastic surgery keywords,” but that may end up costing you a lot of time and money.

An SEO firm that specializes in plastic surgery should be contacted first for expert keyword research. Breast implants may not be as popular as, say, facelifts or tummy tucks in your area. To find out, you need to invest in expert keyword research.

8. Don’t just do it and go away

You might believe you’re done with marketing once you’ve optimized your website for search engines, claimed your Google My Business page, uploaded videos to YouTube, and hired a creative content writer for your cosmetic surgery blog. However, you’re not.

From season to season, and even month to month, the “hot” keywords come and go. Learn what occurs in the wake of a major occurrence, such as a terrorist attack, a demonstration, or the birth of a celebrity baby. The “top searched terms” on Google can vary in a matter of minutes.

Your cosmetic surgery practice will likely be unaffected by such “turn on a dime” keyword changes, but it serves as an example of how quickly things can alter online.

Maintaining a focus on high-traffic SEO keywords related to cosmetic surgery requires regular updates to your keyword list. One should constantly try to profit from what others are actively looking for.

9. Don’t throw away your hard work on your SEO cosmetic surgery

One thing is to attract visitors to your website. One more thing is to get them to become actual paying clients. To encourage site visitors to take action, such as scheduling an appointment, downloading a report, or signing up for a freebie, use calls to action.

Don’t force them to interact with you by picking up the phone. One of the LAST things customers do before making a purchase is to pick up the phone and call. To get people comfortable with your brand and ready to book a consultation or procedure, you must provide them with methods to engage with it before they are ready to do so.

Make sure you’re collecting as many email addresses as possible from site visitors by providing valuable “freebies” in exchange for their contact information. Sending out physical product samples might be costly, but offering free digital products such as a 10-step skincare guide from your top surgeon can be a huge success with minimal outlay.

You can collect consumer email addresses and keep marketing to them until they are ready to make a purchase with “freemiums” like this.

The cost of plastic surgery can be rather high.

A plastic surgery lead’s journey through the buying cycle, from initial consideration to final purchase, might be lengthy.

Gathering email addresses from site visitors allows you to keep in touch with them and provide them with relevant, helpful content as they consider your offering. This will ensure that customers remember you when they are ready to make a purchase.

Looking for SEO Expertise for a Plastic Surgeon?

Brand Lift Med Digital Marketing has made it their mission to promote cosmetic surgery clinics. In order to create highly engaging patient-centric marketing campaigns for aesthetics practices, we utilize localized search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, marketing analytics, and automation.

Please let us know how we may assist in the expansion of your practice and the acquisition of new patients.

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