Print Marketing Continues to Push Strong in the Digital World

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Print continues to hold a rightful place in marketing strategy, with research indicating that advertising in printed publications motivates around 35% of readers to take action. Far from being a matter of ‘nostalgia’ or a mark of elitism, print continues to be a practical form of relaying vital marketing information and of boosting brand awareness. Businesses wishing to stand out, notes digital media specialist Jackie Lisk, are connecting with audiences through what has become ‘novel’ once again: printed media, marketing material, and advertising. It makes sense, considering that 90% of adults in America still read print magazines.

Print in the ‘New’ Millennium

The return to print was something many strategists knew would occur. The Content Marketing Institute predicted, as far back as 2014, that audiences would see a big surge in printed material from brands. The main reason, is the heavy focus on digital. As rivals compete for the coveted ‘Like’ or ‘Share’, they noted, savvy standard bearers would be taking a new avenue – one with less competition and one that could express their brand’s ethos, style, and authority, in a visual, tactile manner. Their predictions were right. In 2017, the print marketing response rose by 190%, with 43% more customers responding to direct mail campaigns than the year before.

A Tactile Experience

In essence, tangible material has come to enjoy a new value, and to mark a company’s willingness to expend on quality materials, imagery, and information that is easy to access. This is especially true in the case of material containing detailed information that readers will need to go back and forth to – think legal regulations, travel brochures with various options, and catalogs. Flicking through pages has a certain immediacy that sometimes cannot be accessed online, where pages and information can quickly get lost from one click to the next. The appreciation of all things tangible is such that even stamp collection is back.

Printed Material for Niche Demands

As noted in a detailed report in The Media Briefing, print is not dead, but its success depends on niche demands. Thus, companies can employ print as part of their marketing strategy by posting key campaigns, catalogs, niche information, or ‘insider information’ about the area/s they are operating in. Lots of businesses are still using postcard mailing and printing solutions to promote discounts, special offers or new products, as well as to nurture relationships with customers. Quality is also key. Forbes turned 100 two years ago, but has its highest readership in its long history. Its editor chalks its success down to the luxury of the print magazine experience, investment in photography, and quality of paper. Your marketing material does not have to necessarily consist of magazine-style content, but it can certainly benefit from key strategies such as the use of professional photography and the use of high quality recycled paper. Content continues to be King as well; make sure yours is to the point, well structured, and well supported by compelling imagery.

Print can form an important part of your marketing strategy, especially at a time in which many companies are failing to give it the value it can return. From advertising catalogs to information booklets, there is information your audience wishes to know, so figure out the best way to present it to them. From glossy recycled paper to detailed information that would be difficult or laborious to read online, there is a niche to be fulfilled by a small investment in print marketing that says plenty about your commitment to clients.