Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Bots

A lot of us have different opinions when it comes to growing and marketing a successful business on Instagram. Moreover, to build brand affinity at a fast pace, people need a social presence. So, to save time and effort, here come the Automation tools.

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These tools help the business to grow its social identity at a fast pace. According to the Small Business Blog, which lists the 37 best Instagram growth services in 2020, before using Instagram Bots, one must know their upsides and downsides. So, without wasting time, let’s quickly get our hands on it.

Pros of Instagram Bots

Here are the upsides of Instagram Bots.


Instagram Bots are quite useful to save time and effort. It is one of the most coveted benefits of this tool. It can automatically follow people in seconds and is based on preferences.

Now, one thing which everyone has to keep in mind is that Instagram has an action restrictions limit like the number of times one can engage with user’s posts in an hour.

Helps to Focus on other Tasks

Developing a social presence of the brand requires many things and an Instagram automation tool; therefore, it helps focus on other heavy tasks. Instagram Bots help a brand to interact with other users by auto-liking or by following users of the same niche.

Increase Followers

Though Instagram Bots do like, comment, and follow other Instagram accounts on behalf of your niche that ultimately increases the followers of an individual. More a person is active more visible; his/her Instagram profile will be on Instagram.

The best part of using Instagram Bots or automation tools is that it gives the ability to find the potential targeted audience for a brand.

Increase Engagement

Increasing followers is not enough; people need high engagement so that the followers will not leave. Engagement is as critical as followers. It helps in keeping the existing followers while gaining new followers.

Now, if anyone does this job manually, it takes too much time. That’s the reason why automation tools are developed to help you do things within seconds. Remember it is important to get a top Instagram growth service so that your Instagram account grows successfully.

Cons of Instagram Bots

Here are the downsides of Instagram Bots.

Creates Unethical Engagement

Well, the engagement generated by Instagram Bots sometimes is not real, as they are made by robots, not by real people. Automation tools comment on inappropriate comments that ultimately destroy brand affinity.

The automated comment like ‘Thanks for Sharing’ done on post will never generate reactions from the target audience, and it will not attract new followers too.

Not Easy to Master Automation

Automation is one of the most straightforward tools which anyone can learn how to use; however, it is quite challenging to master. Now, if anyone wants to generate maximum results from the automation tool, then he/she has ample time to learn this tool.

Instagram Account Got Banned

One of the biggest problems of using Instagram Bots is that these automation tools violate the Instagram policy. The real question is they access Instagram’s API without permission, so, one has to be very careful while using Automated Tools.


Instagram Bots are quite helpful for the overall growth of the brand. However, using automation tools might sometimes lead Instagram account to ban. So, one must read all the terms before signing up with Automation Tools.

For any queries or suggestions, comment below. Share your personal experience of using the Instagram Bots tool.

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