Why You Should Protect Your Computer from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks image 4098498408940984In today’s digital era, we are all using computers, smartphones, and other sophisticated electronic devices for conducting business, studying, shopping, communicating, banking, storing data, and other activities. Ever since the advent of the Internet during the last two decades of the twentieth century, our reliance on hitech has increased dramatically.

In most cases, this shift has improved our lives and allowed us to do things more effectively and rapidly than we could a few decades ago. However, our dependency on laptops, computers, and smartphones has also left us much more vulnerable to the evil activities of hackers and other cyber criminals.

Cyber attacks

Over the past ten years, the number of successful cyber attacks on both large and small companies, government departments, and other organizations has increased significantly.

Keeping our online access safe, as well as the information our computers and other smart devices hold, is today a top priority. For some businesses, a major cyber attack could be the kiss of death regarding their ability to survive in the marketplace.

Cyber security (also spelled: cybersecurity) is a multibillion dollar business. Small and large companies, government agencies, the military, hospitals, other organizations, and individual people place a high priority on cyber security. If like most people, you are dependent on hitech devices for your work, keeping everything secure is not only advisable – it is absolutely essential.

Keeping your computer systems secure

Cyber attacks image 904830982809280438909458Let’s have a look at some steps we should all be taking to protect our computers and sensitive data within them:

  • Step 1

First of all, you should be attentive enough to predict any issue arising in your computer so that you can solve it in time and save your device from expected cyber attacks or any loss due to them.

  • Step 2

Personal, confidential, or sensitive data belonging to any individual, business, government department, or other entity needs to be protected from unauthorized access. To protect your IT equipment and its contents means investing in the latest cyber security software and/or services.

  • Step 3

Medium and large companies, for example, have whole teams of cyber experts working on making sure that everything is secure and airtight.

Not only do cyber security experts and products need to secure data and computer systems, but they also need to make sure that this is not at the expense of productivity. Individuals with the authority to access files and share them with specific people need to be able to do so easily, rapidly, and seamlessly.

  • Step 4

If a cyber attack does occur, your organization and its employees need to know exactly what to do. Therefore, training your staff how to detect and deal with suspicious items or communications is crucial. They also need to know what to do if their employer’s computer system becomes compromised or vital data vanishes.

Protecting your Computer with a Cyber Security Service

Digital Hands, which has a platform called CyGuard, says that effective cyber security services already exist. Services are available today for all types of companies, big or small, and in every sector of the economy.

With CyGuard, for example, it is possible to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to current cyberattact methods and software programs.


Regarding predicting attacks, Digital Hands says the following:

“In today’s sophisticated threat landscape, you cannot afford to rely solely upon prevention and detection methods. You must have the capability to predict attacks and better protect your business.”


The best way to deal with burglars from stealing your possessions is to make it as difficult as possible for them to break into your home in the first place, i.e., to invest in prevention.

The same applies to digital or computer systems. Part of a good prevention strategy is to make sure all your employees are trained in cyber security.


Having scores of security products protecting your business is not enough. All systems need to send their data to one threat monitoring platform. Only then is it possible to comprehensively gather and analyze valuable intelligence so that security is effective.


According to Digital Hands:

“The rate and sophistication of cyber attacks mean that we must be in a state of continuous response. Again, this can be a challenging proposition for small, stretched teams. Digital Hands can work as an extension of your team to rapidly investigate and remediate incidents as soon as they are detected.”


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