5 reasons to vape and not smoke your pot

Let me guess; you’ve been told a million reasons NOT TO SMOKE. It’s bad for your health, terrible for your breath, harsh on your heart. Blah blah blah.

Yet, despite all these, you still prefer to smoke your pot. Why? Because nothing beats that feeling of rolling a joint and lighting it up. Guess what? I was always like you – a sucker for pot smoking!

But, lo and behold, my perspective about kush changed the day I had my first taste of weed vape. It was from a batch a friend brought to the jungle.

5 reasons to vape and not smoke your pot

If my memory serves me right, I believe he said he ordered it from this site here. (You, too, can check them out)

Believe me, bro, after that first experience, I started to lose interest in smoking and hopped on the vaping bandwagon.

In this article, I want to share with you seven convincing reasons why you, too, should snub smoking and embrace vaping.

5 reasons to vape and not smoke your pot

  1. The experience is a lot better

Who else hates the idea of always having to roll up joints every time they feel like getting high? I don’t know about you, but the thought alone sometimes puts me off from doing what I do best, which is getting high.

Alas, with the help of THC vape cartridges, one no longer needs to spend good fractions of their time rolling up joints or lighting and relighting the kush.

  1. Weed tastes better with vapes

Let me ask you this. Have you ever truly felt the taste of weed on your lips while smoking before?

If you have, can you tell us what each weed strain you’ve smoked really tasted like? I honestly doubt you can. The reason is because smoking is just like burning weed to crisp. You’re getting high but not really having the actual, undiluted taste of what you’re inhaling.

In contrast, vape pens deliver the actual taste of weed to you. Any strain you buy, you can always taste the flavor notes on your tongue. It’s more like putting weed on your palm and then licking.

Trust me, no words I say can truly do enough justice to the feeling of vaping weed. You just have to try it for yourself. But believe me, it’s far yummier and addictive than smoking.

  1. It is actually better for your health (lungs)

Many who don’t really know much about cannabis argue that kush is bad for the health and people should desist from it.

But, you and I know better. We know that weed doesn’t cause lung cancer. In fact, if anything, it actually helps to prevent it.

But you know what is really bad for the health? The act of smoking anything at all!

For those who don’t know, the combustion of weed has been proven to produce several carcinogens and tar. And these things irritate the lungs. This is why vaporizers were invented.

Inside vape cartridges, weed is heated at extremely low temp (far lower than the temperature that comes with smoking/combustion) so as to convert it into a healthy inhalable vapor. This vapor, which you then inhale, carries the same amount of active kush juices (THC, CBD, and the likes) you would find in a normal joint, albeit without the lung irritants.

  1. Vaping is a lot more discreet

If you paid attention to the story I narrated in this post’s intro, you’ll remember I mentioned something like ‘jungle.’

Well, jungle is the name my friends and I call our smoking spots. Literally, we can’t always smoke outside in public. If we’re not hunted down like dogs by the police, then someone somewhere in the neighborhood is complaining about our actions.

Hence the need for a jungle!

This is never the case with vaping. You can vape your pot anywhere anytime without worrying about a cloud of smoke filling up everywhere, announcing there’s a Bob Marley or Wiz Khalifa around.

Although the weed smell still persists, it’s still a lot better than smoking.

  1. It is way cheaper

Did I hear you say weed has been draining your purse? Maybe because you’re still smoking it.

I remember back then with my guys at the jungle. Sometimes we would buy weed worth $50-$100 for a few batches, and after blowing a few rounds, we still won’t get as high as we’d love to. So, we would have to buy more. And more. And more.

This cost so much.

With vape pens, however, everything suddenly became cheaper. I remember I would buy a Stiizy THC OG Kush or Pineapple Express for just $70 and take that for days. Dude was so strong that I only needed to take a few puffs to get the high I wanted. Then afterward, I can keep the rest in my pocket and take it again anytime I feel like it.

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