4 Reliable Jobs that Are In-Demand by Companies

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Image: adapted from pixabay.com

Not every job is one that’s in-demand by employers. Some jobs wax and wane in popularity and need, some pop-up out of nowhere, while others just stand the test of time because of their usefulness. In this article, we cover four reliable jobs that are currently in-demand by businesses.

Big Data Researcher

Big data researchers act as data analysts to sift through and filter collected data to obtain new insights that were previously unknown. This data is then used by companies to draw fresh conclusions, and adjust product designs or marketing plans to make them more applicable to what customers actually want now.

This kind of employee is in high demand partly because it’s an area that companies are putting far more emphasis on than previously, and it coincides with a lack of potential employees in the marketplace to meet that need.


Accountants are more in demand currently as businesses require more useful reporting. Gone are the days when a qualified accountant only produced the statutory accounts for the business and just kept the books the rest of the time. Now, a far more of a data-driven approach is required.

Sets of management accounts for special projects are regularly needed by growing companies with new divisions or projects that need costing out before deciding whether to launch them or not.

Many accounting jobs in Massachusetts are needing to be filled. As business growth is strong there, many departments are expanding their teams including the finance/accounting departments. Because of this, accounting jobs in Massachusetts continue to see greater interest for strong candidates to fill open posts.

E-commerce Specialist

While companies have now fully embraced the internet, there’s still much to be done in improving online results. Sure, online advertising can bring in new visitors, but when the e-commerce side of the site isn’t well designed or the shopping cart isn’t functioning smoothly causing many people to leave before completing a purchase, considerable money is lost.

To ensure that competitors don’t get the sale instead, companies are employing e-commerce specialists that have experience upgrading online sites to create better performance. Incrementally healthier performance through higher sales conversions leads to more profitable marketing campaigns and an improved bottom-line.

Risk Management Officer

As companies grow, they get into trading situations that cause concern over foreseen and unforeseen risk factors. While they often decide to take on different forms of business insurance to cover being sued, they also consider other risks too.

A risk management officer is there to weigh the risks of different divisions, services and/or products that the company offers. They may also look at trading methods and sales promotions to consider whether there’s risk present that the executive team is unaware of.

This type of role may also address other concerns like risk to executives and coverage through key person insurance, or kidnap and ransom insurance. Also, the trading in currencies or derivatives might come under their purview depending on what areas they’re expected to review and report on. The role will vary depending on the industry and the concerns expressed by company management.

For employees who are looking to change their typical job role, switching to a more in-demand position is likely to lead to improved job prospects and possibly a higher wage too. It will require a period of adjustment or new training, but it can be done.