Renting Moving Pods Guide for 2020

Moving your home or business to a new location is not an undertaking any of us enjoy. However, it is something most of us cannot avoid. Studies have shown that moving, along with a death in the family, divorce, and losing one’s jobs are some of the most stressful events humans can experience.

Every individual who has moved, irrespective of the distance travelled, has struggled with the different phases of the relocation, and has had to deal with the problem of how to go about storing items, which in some cases may be for an extended period.

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Surprisingly, in the last few decades, the options for easy and hassle-free moving have changed significantly. From self-storage units to hiring a full service moving company, renting portable moving containers has made moving a lot easier. The advent of pods, a very convenient way to store your belonging, has been the most popular choice.

Moving Apt, a reputable moving service platform, explains that pods are very convenient for customers. The service provider drops a portable container at your house, which you can fill and request for a pick up. The same company will get it picked and delivered at your new home or storage center. You can click here to explore the moving pods options available in the market.

Why should I use Pods?

It has been observed that moving Pods cater for the requirements of a variety of moves. Moving pods offer freedom as well as convenience for those who need them. Customers have the freedom to pack their stuff on their own, load it into the moving pod, and then enjoy the convenience of transport provided by the removals firm.

They have also become increasingly popular because, unlike permanent bricks-and-mortar storage spaces you can rent, pods can be delivered to your home, i.e., the pod company can place it right on your drive.

If you rent a truck, you cannot keep your stuff in it; it has to be returned on the same or next day. With pods, you can rent them for as long as you like, which is great if you don’t want to unpack all your possessions straight away.

How do moving pods work?

Engaging a moving pods company is very easy. You must find the best company and option available in the market and approach them for the deal. As you finalize which service provider to choose, they will deliver moving pods to your driveway or wherever you want. There is no time frame; you can choose to have the container for a week or for indefinite period and pay on a monthly basis. Most pod companies offer these three basic options:

  • Pick up the pod and deliver it to the new home.
  • Pick up the pod and deliver it to the remote storage facility.
  • The pod remains put on your property and act as an at-home storage unit charged on a monthly basis.

What are the key benefits of renting Pods?

Irrespective of the type of move you are doing, moving pods offer a lot of benefits including:

  • Easy payment schedules

There is no large lump-sum payment associated with moving pods. You can always set up a convenient payment schedule and enjoy the benefits.

  • No hidden costs

If you rent a moving pod, rest assured that there will be no hidden costs to surprise you at the last moment.

  • Flexible scheduling

There are range of options and extreme flexibility when you choose to hire a moving pod. This means that you can choose where you want the pod to be delivered, how long do you want it with you, plus what size is best for your requirements. You will have to pay a monthly charge and whenever you feel like, you can end the contract by asking the company to take it back.

  • No transportation hassle

Large move includes a number of rounds to and from the storage facility. However, when you choose to book a moving pod, you can enjoy the freedom as the service provider will be responsible to drive the container every time you decide to move. Moreover, with a moving pods at your driveway, you have the storage unit right next to you.

  • Ultimate protection of items

Moving pods are large steel containers, resistant to weather. Hence, whatever you store inside the pods is safely kept and stored. The pods are further secured locked with steel locks and hence you should have no worries about the safety of your items.

How much does it costs to rent moving pods?

There are several factors that decide the cost of moving pods. These factors include the size of the pods, distance to be travelled, time you want to keep it at your location and number of containers you hire.

Moving pods are the most revolutionary way to move your items from one place to another. Hope this guide helps you find the best moving pods and enjoy a cost effective and easy way to move your belongings from point A to B.

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