Ride the Wind: The Ultimate Guide to Parasailing Adventures

Individuals who love adventures should try their hand at parasailing. Who wouldn’t love soaring above the water while being pulled by a boat? Any person can participate in this activity if they follow all safety precautions, so parasailing should be on every individual’s bucket list. What should a person know before taking this ride? 

Choosing a Parasailing Operator

Safety must remain the top priority for anyone who wishes to parasail. Choosing the right operator helps ensure the trip goes smoothly from start to finish. Read reviews of different operators to find one with an excellent reputation and verify their experience. Confirm they adhere to all industry guidelines and regulations, and learn how often each company maintains and inspects its equipment. Talk with Sunshine Destin parasailing operators to know what other steps they take to keep riders safe. 

The First Trip

Prepare mentally and physically for the trip. Let the operator know about the riders’ medical conditions. Wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes that won’t fall off during the journey. Most people prefer loose-fitting clothing but don’t wear loose or flowy items because they can get trapped in the machinery. Water shoes and sneakers are good footwear options. 

Use sunscreen and drink lots of water to remain hydrated throughout the adventure. However, the most important thing a person can do is listen to the instructor and ask questions if anything is unclear. The more a person knows, the safer they will be during the trip. This knowledge is essential, as the journey takes passengers 200 to 500 feet above the water. 

Safety Tips

  • Never book a parasailing trip when weather conditions are bad. Put the adventure off until a bright, sunny day with few winds. If the operator cancels the trip based on the weather, understand they are doing so for safety reasons. 
  • Learn and adhere to the weight limit for a safe and enjoyable ride. 
  • Communicate with the operator and instructor throughout the trip. 
  • Pay attention to the surroundings and look for safety hazards. If any are seen, let the operator or instructor know immediately. 
  • Know age limitations. Most operators won’t take children under six up in the air. Regardless of age, a person should be healthy before taking this journey. 
  • Avoid carrying a camera or smartphone when parasailing. Although it would be nice to document the trip with a video, the odds of dropping or breaking the phone or camera are high. The operator will not be responsible if this happens. Some operators offer a photo opportunity, so ask if this is available when booking the trip. 

Parasailing Etiquette Tips

When parasailing, always abide by the operator’s rules and guidelines. Let the instructor know if any passengers have concerns or are uncomfortable. Tipping the instructor and boat operator show appreciation when the ride is over. 

Don’t make sudden movements while parasailing. In addition, never try to control the parasail, as doing so could be dangerous. Before parasailing, remove any loose items and valuables to ensure they aren’t lost or damaged during the trip. 

Once a person parasails, they will want to do so again. This experience is one of a kind, as it allows people to soar above the water and get a different perspective thanks to the breathtaking views seen from this angle. Book a trip today for an unforgettable experience in every way.

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