Ryanair orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX 200s

Ryanair orders 100 Boeing planes, specifically its newest 737 MAX 200, which is a variant based on the 737 MAX 8. The newer version carries 189 passengers (eight more than the other MAX family airplanes), thus raising revenue potential and providing customers with 18% superior fuel efficiency per seat than the most efficient rival single-aisle airplanes.

The order is worth $11 billion at current list prices. Ryanair also has the option of buying another one hundred 737 MAX 200s, therefore the total order could be worth $22 billion.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, said:

“Ryanair is proud and honored to become the lead operator of Boeing’s ‘gamechanger’ 737 MAX 200, which will expand our fleet to 520 aircraft by 2024 and create another 3,000 new jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers in Europe, while allowing us to grow traffic from 82 million last year to over 150 million annually by 2024.”

Lower costs – more passenger leg room

Mr. O’Leary explained that these “gamechanging” aircraft will allow his airline to reduce costs and ticket prices, while at the same time improve customer experience with more leg room plus the Boeing Sky Interior, as it rolls out new offers, particularly for its Family Extra and Business Plus customers.

737 MAX 200 Ryanair order
A firm order for 100 x 737 MAX 200s worth $11bn, and an option for another hundred.

“As many of Europe’s flag carriers cut capacity on short haul routes, Ryanair looks forward to using these new Boeing 737 MAX 200s to grow at many more of Europe’s primary airports,” O’Leary said.

Boeing says it developed the 737 MAX 200 in response to the needs of the rapidly-growing market of budget airlines. The US aircraft maker predicts that by 2033 low-cost carriers will account for 35% of single-aisle capacity.

While the core of the single-aisle market will stay at 160 seats, carriers like Ryanair with the 737 MAX 200 will have 9 more seats of potential revenue and up to 5% lower operating costs compared to the 737 MAX 8.

20% lower emissions

Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner, said:

“The 737 MAX 200 is the perfect fit for Ryanair, providing improved efficiencies, 20 percent lower emissions, increased revenues and a high level of passenger comfort. The new variant will play a significant role in enabling the airline to continue to expand its operations, while providing passengers across Europe with outstanding value.”

“For everyone at Boeing, it is an honor to launch the 737 MAX 200 with Ryanair, one of the world’s most successful all-Boeing operators.”

The 737 MAX 200 is based on the 737 MAX 8 airframe, but it can accommodate up to 200 seats by incorporating a mid-exit door, thus increasing the exit limit. Being 2.2 meters longer than the A320, passengers in the 737 MAX enjoy more flexibility and space in the cabin, Boeing says.

Below are some highlighted benefits with the Boeing 737 MAX 200s that Ryanair will receive (Source: Ryanair):

  • 197 seats – eight more than Ryanair’s existing 189 seat fleet,
  • New slimline seats, with extra leg room (average more than 30 inches),
  • Operational noise emission reduction of 40%,
  • Up to 18% less fuel consumption.

On Tuesday, Ryanair takes delivery of the first of 180 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which will expand its fleet from 304 to 420 (allowing for lease returns). Ryanair’s traffic in 2013 was 82 million, it forecasts more than 112 million by 2019 and 150 million by 2024.

Video – Ryanair orders 737 MAX 200s