3 Tips to Save At-Risk Customers with Wi-Fi Marketing!

When the majority of business owners consider providing Wi-Fi in their businesses, they frequently concentrate on the impact it has on customer behavior.

Over 60 percent of businesses state that customers spend more time within their locations once they provide Wi-Fi free of charge.

For bars and restaurants, this additional time boosts the average ticket through the purchase of extra desserts and drinks bought before patrons leave. For retail stores, that means consumers spend more time browsing their items, which increases the average sale once they locate more products they enjoy.

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But there is another benefit to providing free access to the Internet at your place of business: Wi-Fi marketing.

Wi-Fi marketing is treating complimentary customer Wi-Fi as a way to engage your customers, as well as promote your services and products.

Such marketing is the difference between seeing free Internet accessibility as an expense vs. viewing it as a chance to boost customer loyalty and bring new customers to your store. The ones who use it smartly will witness results, while the ones who ignore it are going to wonder what they are doing wrong. Contact us at Bloom Intelligence to know more about Wi-fi marketing.

Collect Data to Improve In-store Promotions and Operations

Providing complimentary Wi-Fi to the patrons in your store might feel as if it is a way to provide value to them. While absolutely, it’s a way to benefit buyers; Wi-Fi really benefits businesses even more than shoppers.

The value businesses receive by offering free Wi-Fi within their store stems from the data collected through the system.

Through the use of Wi-Fi software, it’s possible to monitor and track trends and foot traffic in your store. Once shoppers log in to complimentary Wi-Fi, it’s possible to keep track of how they move throughout your store and make heat maps showing where they spend the least and most quantity of time.

Having the ability to see how shoppers travel around in your store assists you in improving your in-store promotions and operations. It’s possible to identify busy times requiring more employees and view the areas in your place of business that buyers miss or do not spend a lot of time in.

Learn About Shoppers Through Wi-Fi Marketing

Once buyers connect to the Wi-Fi, they do not have to create a login or attempt to recall a password whenever they come back. They may log in through a Facebook profile, increasing security for your business and allowing you to have access to substantial data regarding your customers.

Through social media logins that are connected through Wi-Fi, it’s possible to better recognize the demographics of customers, their behavior, and their interests. You may find that a younger market will probably return more frequently but spend less than an older market.

Through the use of Wi-Fi marketing, your efforts become more strategic with a detailed glimpse into your customers.

Rather than having to guess who their customers are as well as what they want, businesses may target their buyers based on interests and demographics.

Once you calculate the benefits of investing in such marketing, the investment expenses significantly decrease. Such marketing may increase the number of customers to your brand, build loyalty to your brand, and increase your average ticket. All those factors benefit the bottom line.

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