How to choose a language school to learn English

Choosing your English school may seem like a tedious process with all the different options that are available globally. As most schools offer similar courses, it is best to choose one that gives you the widest scope. Keep in mind that certain important factors can actually make your search easier and quicker. If you want to take the next big step in your academic career and study English in a foreign country, consider applying to a language school in London.

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We have listed some tips and tricks that can help you choose the right school more successfully:

Quality of teaching and education provided

Start by looking at the courses that a school provides. It is also important to check whether it is accredited by national and international bodies in areas of teaching, student care, administration, and management.

A high level of teaching and good quality course materials are crucial if you want to improve your English language skills significantly.

Select your global destination

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The native English speaking countries in this map are in dark blue.

When deciding to learn English, you should consider studying a course that is taught in an English speaking country. In order to accelerate your learning process, it is vital to pick the location of your school carefully.

This means that you should select the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand.

Staying in the country where your target language is spoken will help you improve much faster. Not only will you learn English at school, but you will also be able to practice using the language in everyday situations. Your listening comprehension will advance considerably if you can practice with native speakers.

People who have studied a language abroad say that the experience also helped them understand another culture. Being sensitive to other countries’ way of life is a useful skill in the world of business.

Extracurricular activities

Drama extra-curricular activitiesThe term extracurricular activities refers to activities outside of academic coursework. For example, excursions, a night in the town, yoga or acting classes, quizzes, and celebratory events are included in this category.

A good school will organize activities in which the participants engage with the local community. If students are tasked with completing a survey, for example, they may have to interview local residents.

Attending English language courses after a session of fruitful activities will allow you to challenge yourself and explore different situations. Even volunteering and internships are a good way to meet new people from different cultures, which may, in turn, enhance your vocabulary.

Consider class size and diversity

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Ask the school how many students are in each class.

A classroom with few students allows the teacher to focus on each one equally. Additionally, you will get greater opportunity to speak, express your ideas, and ask questions than you would in a class with many learners.

Ideally, your colleagues should come from a range of countries. This will further help you learn about different cultures, customs, and values. Before committing yourself to one school, ask them about class sizes and where their students come from.

Cost and flexibility

After choosing which country or city you would like to go to, you need to think about your length of stay, pace of life, and budget. Include the cost of accommodation, school fees, living expenses, flights, and transport to and from the airport in your budget.

Overall costs vary considerably and depend on your final destination, time of year, and the type of course you prefer.

We hope that after reading this article, you are now in a better position to find the right school for your needs and budget. Good luck!


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