Design Agencies Get a Big Boost as Site Builder Duda Launches App Store Feature

Site builder Duda image for article 43993993999Previously, websites only functioned as digital business cards or online product catalogs. Companies only needed a web host and a design template to set them up. However, most websites today can’t be that simple anymore. They need to have various functionalities that help them offer better customer engagement and experience. Seventy-five percent of consumers say they judge a brand’s credibility by its website.

Creating high-impact websites is a key challenge for small to medium businesses (SMBs). Most owners don’t have the necessary technical skills to do it themselves. More than 28 percent of small businesses spend less than $500 on a website. To compensate, many SMBs outsource site development to design agencies.

Duda has been helping these agencies cope with the demand through its site building platform. Agencies can use Duda’s white label builder that features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and a template library to rapidly design and publish feature-rich websites.

These capabilities lessen the burden for design agencies to heavily invest in large teams of technical experts, and keep their fees accessible to SMBs. Duda looks to further extend these capabilities through the integration of the apps available in their recently launched App Store.

What the App Store brings

Businesses now look to implement even more functionalities to their websites. However, app integration requires advanced technical know-how to execute. Fortunately, Duda’s App Store provides seamless app integration within the site builder itself. Users can simply choose their preferred app and pay for its subscription to automatically enable and seamlessly integrate it to their sites.

Currently, the App Store features four best-of-breed digital solutions:

vCita is a CRM platform that enables small businesses to effectively manage client communications, marketing, and invoicing.

Location marketing solution Uberall optimizes online listings to boost local search results and increase their offline sales.

Listings management tool Neustar Localeze allows SMBs to manage and update their local and listing information online to reach more potential customers.

AudioEye is a website accessibility platform that scans websites and performs remediations to make them compliant.

Duda looks to feature only the best apps for specific business functions to ensure that their users get the best value for their sites. The site builder guarantees that the app integrations are also secure. Apps are regularly monitored and updated to ensure optimal performance. If they get compromised, Duda will immediately restrict their site access until the problem is resolved.

Upsides for agencies

The addition of Duda’s App Store offers design agencies the following benefits:

Manageable costs

Developers don’t need to carefully study and figure out APIs to ensure seamless integration. They don’t even have to create custom modules and plugins and use expensive software, helping agencies save time and financial resources. The effort they save not having to perform all these tasks translates to actual savings for agencies.

App integrations at scale

Design agencies can have hundreds of sites under their care. This makes it impossible to avoid having clients use their preferred apps with similar functions in each of their own websites. By offering a careful selection of apps and guaranteed seamless integration, design agencies won’t have any problems integrating apps to numerous websites quickly.

Additional revenue stream

Duda’s App Store creates a revenue stream as they can readily offer app subscriptions through the platform. They also don’t have to worry about billing their clients. The platform manages the payment processes in its centralized system.

These benefits show how Duda continues to provide users and design agencies powerful solutions that help them perform their tasks efficiently. The platform’s App Store helps design agencies improve their services and boost their revenues. It opens more business opportunities for design agencies while allowing them to reduce their operational costs to keep their services accessible.


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