Social Media: Tools To Turbo-Charge Your Brand

Does it seem like the amount of time you spend thinking of hashtags for your posts isn’t worth the results you are getting? Does it feel like other competing accounts are reaching a wider audience that you just can’t seem to get to? This is understandable. With Instagram reaching over 1 billion active users in 2018, it can be hard to find exactly who to market your content to and become discoverable in such a large pool of people who could be marketing the same thing.

All businesses on social media are competing for the same thing; followers. Gaining follows can be quite a tedious task, especially if your account is new since this could mean your account could go unnoticed.

Even though there are many competitors, the rate at which your follower base grows boils down to how you market your products, and how effectively you make use of the social media tools available to you. To gain the growth of your account you might need help from external services specifically designed to aid in follower growth. Here are a few tips and tools that might help you get going.

Without followers, your voice won’t be heard

If your goal is to make money, that is going to be quite difficult if you don’t have any followers, which is why you should be trying to grow them. You might be tempted to buy bots in your pursuit of increasing the number of followers you have, but that might not be a good idea. The main objective of the estimated 15% of bots already found on Twitter, is to tweet and retweet content to reach a specified goal, and it may work in the short-term.

However, not only are these bots potentially bad for the growth of your account as they could post comments that are inappropriate to your content, but they might also reduce the amount of engagement your posts generate, which could result in slower organic growth. Using bots also increases the risk of your account being suspended which will slow your levels of engagement and reach.

The fastest way to get organic growth is with a genuine organic growth service, such as Twesocial, which is a great option for those using Twitter. This service will provide account managers who will handle most aspects of your account; from deciding what gets posted when, what hashtags would be most suitable for what post, and engage with followers. This will allow you to focus purely on the content that goes out, as this is the only thing they require you to provide.

Hashtags matter more than ever

A hashtag is a combination of letters or numbers that is used to categorize content and make it easy to be found when searched. By using a relevant hashtag in your post, you will be increasing the reach you create by targeting the audience that you want.

Unfortunately, the hashtag is a misunderstood tool that is commonly used in the wrong way. This means that the words you might use are not directly related to your post, but could also mean the overuse of hashtags, which comes across as spammy. All of this adds no value to your post and might even discourage followers from engaging in a meaningful way with your content.

Hashtag tools such as Task Ant are incredibly useful additions to building your brand. Task Ant allows you to find the best hashtag for your content by showing you the most popular and most searched hashtags related to your content.

Quick checklist

There is a checklist to optimize your account before you grow it. Firstly, you should change your account to a business profile. On your account, you should complete all the brand information including adding in the location of your business. Create an intriguing bio description the accurately describes what your brand is about. And lastly, use a simple and memorable handle.

The great thing is that once your followers start to increase, your account will begin to grow organically at a faster rate. The key is just to get over the first hurdle.

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