Solutions for traders and merchants

While cashless payments gain more and more popularity, traders and merchants need a specified solution which can help them catch this wave and digitalize their business timely. The Wallet Factory Company introduces its white label product made to empower your business. It can take to the new level relations with new and potential customers by means of various digital financial services.

Blue electronic graph - image for article 123There are different kinds of the advantages of this software. On the one hand, mWallet is a e wallet application which enables you to control all the financial transaction. It works not just with payment cards, but also with web-wallets, mobile money, bank accounts, and even cryptocurrencies.

But on the other hand, mWallet is a powerful tool for your interaction with customers. It’s a promoting instrument which provides you with various useful functions. This soft is professionally developed as a platform not just for online payments – but also for collecting and analyzing of customers’ data.

This option includes processing such data as payment method, check-in time, preferences etc. This information helps to send personalized notifications about sales, changes of price, new items and other interesting news. Also it allows you to make your service more client-oriented and improve your image among the clients.

Fast and safe transacting with QR and NFC technologies

The Wallet Factory Company offers not only multifunctional virtual wallet app which can be easily downloaded for iOS or Android smartphone. Its mWallet users can also assess the benefits of QR and NFC technologies implemented in this product.

These are two unique but easy and safe payment methods. QR technology allows your clients pay their bills, transfer and get money, and even exchange information. It is based on the generation and subsequent reading of the QR code. And these are not all the advantages of this technology! It gives your customers a chance to take part in the marketing campaigns, to check-in easily, log in to their personal account at your website – and even more.

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NFC technology deals with contactless payments and allows the customers pay in one touch using your mobile wallet. Your client can use his mWallet with NFC to see balance sheet and transaction history, make contactless payments with a digital wallet, and even manage his bank cards.

The implementation of these technologies turns mWallet into a powerful tool for digitization of your business, and your customers get a completely new experience of using a mobile wallet.


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