The Easiest Spring Flowers to Grow From Seeds

Spring is almost upon us. It is the time when everything is waking up from the winter slumber. The first thing that comes to mind is spring flowers of course. It is something that paints a better picture of spring and gives us hope to carry on further into the year.

But people who like flowers also have the opportunity to start growing their own. Buying a pack of seeds and planting them so flowers start to grow may sound easy, but you still have to pick some specific ones for this time of the year.

Here are some good, easy-to-grow spring flower seeds.

Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelors buttons - image 333This is one of the easiest flowers to grow in spring. Actually, you can sow them as early as after the last frost disappears. If your area has a mild climate and the frost disappears relatively early, you can start sowing Bachelor’s Buttons immediately. Also, these are also good to sow in the fall if the winters in the area are mild.

Bachelor’s Buttons are also called cornflowers and you can simply put the seeds in the ground and cover with 1/8 inches of soil. But be sure to grow them either in full sunlight or partial shade.


Calendula - marigold spring flowers imageAs you are able to see on one of the leading flower delivery sites, the Calendula flower does not come cheap. But you can grow it easily with just a package of seeds. These flowers work best in hot weather but can be sown as soon as the soil is favorable. Plant the seeds and cover with ¼ inches of soil.

You can expect thin seedlings of up to 12 inches in no time. If you live in an area with a hot climate, planting seeds in fall will allow for spring blooms.


Nasturtium - image of one of the spring flowersThe Nasturtium flower is a very easy one to grow. Additionally, it is even edible. However, what they don’t do is not transplant well. If you are planning to grow these flowers in a particular place, put them there immediately. So don’t try transplanting them in the pot as it is better to start from there immediately.

After all the frost has disappeared you can put the seeds in some ½ inches of soil. But if you want the flowers to grow as best as possible, don’t use too fertile soil. Grow them in full sun and make sure not to overwater them.


Lakspur flowersLarkspur works best when it is planted in mild winter climates. This type of flower actually needs cool soil temperature in order to germinate. Preferably somewhere around 50 to 60 F. It is probably best to put the seeds into the ground before November. But in other areas, you can sow them after the first frost is clear.

Cover the seeds with up to 1/8 of soil and expect seedlings of some 4 inches in height. They should be grown in full sun or partial shade but make sure that it also has consistent moisture.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas - spring flowersIt is a great idea to start growing Sweet Peas indoors some four weeks before the last frost. If the winter in your area is short, this would allow the Sweet Peas to get an early start and allow them enough time to grow before it gets really hot.

If you are living in a cooler area you can sow the seeds directly in your garden. But make sure to do it after all danger of frost has disappeared. It would also be a good idea to soak the seeds before planting overnight. Put them in ½ inches of soil and grow in full sunlight.


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