Planning to Start a Side Business? Keep Yourself Healthy for the Best Chance of Success

When you set out to start your own side business, you knew what you had to gain. That said, you might not have realized all that you had to lose. When you’re constantly working, you tend to forgo self-care, but now is not the time to stick yourself on the sidelines. If you want to be successful, you have to fuel the person driving your success. Here are some tips on how to manage the seemingly elusive concept of self-care as a busy new entrepreneur.

Relax sometimes. Giving yourself a bit of downtime is a topic that Market Business News has covered before. M sure that you take some time to relax and unwind every once in a while so that you can connect with yourself.

Stop stress before it starts. Stress is an inevitable part of running a business. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take starting today to eliminate wear and tear on yourself. One of these is to get help with areas of your business you may not fully understand. An example here is LLC formation. Because each state has different rules, it’s often difficult to know what steps you have to take to create a legal entity, and you might not know which type of LLC to choose. You can also save money by outsourcing part of the process to a formation service.

Make sleep a priority. Twenty to 30 minutes is all it takes to give your body the extra sleep it needs to keep going. According to the Henry Ford Health System, sleeping too little has an impact on your mental and physical performance. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to run a business, this can equate to dollars – and potentially customers – lost.

Eat and snack with intention. If you’ve ever put gas in your automobile, you understand the importance of fueling a machine. Think of your body as a machine that also needs the right type of fuel. Eat with the intention of giving at the highest quality nutrients possible, and pay close attention to how you snack. Instead of candy, keep healthy snacks at your desk; almonds are a great choice as they contain vitamin E, copper, and riboflavin. Also, don’t skip breakfast. This doesn’t mean you have to eat as soon as you wake up. Cleveland Clinic explains that breaking your overnight fast can happen within a few hours of waking so that you have the greatest amount of energy each morning.

Be kind to yourself. Something many fledgling entrepreneurs are not prepared for is the feelings of guilt associated with taking time away from family and friends to focus on their nascent career. Don’t beat yourself up over this, but do take some time to nurture these relationships. Be kind to yourself by acknowledging that you have to do what’s right for you and your family, even if that means shifting your priorities temporarily.

Establish a morning routine. Routines are meant to make our lives easier. When we know what to expect, we are better prepared to do whatever is on our agenda. Establish a morning routine that includes stretching, exercising, eating, and preparing for the day ahead. This will help you feel more in control, lower your stress levels, and encourage you to develop other healthy habits.

Self-care should not be something you neglect. Even as a busy employee, parent, friend, and entrepreneur, taking good care of yourself has to be at the top of your daily to-do list. Neglecting your emotional, physical, or mental needs is a quick way to deplete yourself of the energy required to build your empire. From learning how to relax to making business decisions that reduce stress before it has a chance to develop, the ideas above are just a few ways to squeeze the most out of each day.

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