Stories Map – An Amazing Feature to Add to Your Profile!

Technology never forgets to make us amazed at the new things. Not to wonder the great apps and social media platforms it has provided us. After the immense popularity of Facebook, everyone thought this is the end! Nothing better can come after this. But here we are! Instagram! What a perfect platform to showcase your ideas, life, passion, and whatnot. It is one of the most popular platforms and, better to say, the best social media platform right now. From celebrities to every other person out there, they are obsessed with it.

Instagram always introduces new features right now and then, and here it is! With one of the perfect features and newly introduced things, no one had imagined. Instagram stories map, yes, now you can find your Instagram stories on a map. Interesting. Isn’t it?

So, what is an Instagram Stories Map?

As we all know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, and it is quite challenging to track down the past clips. So, with this feature, Instagram allows you to view your stories on a map. This feature works based on where you have clicked the specific clip or image. To get this brand new feature, you should update your Instagram app on Android and IOS phones. Don’t miss out and get this fantastic feature today!

This new feature is launched on the 10th anniversary of everyone’s loved platform. The feature of the stories map introduces a private plan and a calendar of the Instagram stories. It includes all the stories you have shared over the past three years—what a way to look back at your favorite moments.

Importance of Instagram Stories Map

Now you know what is stories map is and how they work, but do you know why they are so important? Instagram stories map will give the business different approaches to reach the target audience. This feature is perfect for creating unique and interesting content. One can use these stories maps to show their brand to various audiences.

Stories map brings various possibilities and an incredible variety in terms of quality content. A business owner or any Instagram user can create fun and unique content with a little bit of creativity with this feature.

Tell Your Story to the Audience

Yes, with this amazing feature, you can tell your story to the audience in the perfect manner. Although it is already present in the name, stories are the perfect way of narrating your words in a visual manner. Instagram displays stories like a slide show, so it is very suitable and makes the story interested for the followers.

Creative Content and New Followers

Creative and Unique content is the best way to grow on a platform like Instagram. Whether you broadcast a live video or upload your fav Tik Tok on stories, it’s not going anywhere anymore. Stories map will save all your creative content, and you don’t have to worry about losing it. Creative content gets you a lot of likes, views, and new followers. is also one of the best ways to get new followers for your social media platform. 

Now Your Get Maps on Instagram As Well

Yes, read it right, like snap maps but for Instagram. With the new features, Instagram is showing us stories on a map for a new fun and interactive experience. Now you can know where your friends are and what they are doing in real-time, all with an Instagram stories map. Instagram also allows you to watch stories from cities all around the world. We know you love it on Snap, now give it a try and enjoy it on Instagram as well.


Don’t wait anymore and update your Instagram app today to enjoy the amazing features like stories map. Interact with your audience and start a new journey. We wish you the best of luck!

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