Suing a Roadside Construction Company for a Car Accident

The vast majority of drivers understand exactly what to do in the event of an accident with another vehicle. You make sure that everyone is okay, call the police, and obtain your accident report. Simple right?

But what happens when the accident involves a business such as a roadside construction company? If you are involved in an auto accident because a construction site was not properly closed off or set up, you may have a case.

Crash next to roadwork - what to do

But how exactly do you go about it? Read on to learn some helpful tips regarding accidents and roadside construction companies.

City Hall Myth

Contrary to popular belief, according to a prominent Chicago car accident lawyer, you can actually file a lawsuit against your city hall. Within most cities, city halls are the ones responsible for hiring and overseeing these construction companies.

If you have proof that the construction site was not well-maintained, you can sue for negligence. Sure it may be a little difficult to determine exactly who is responsible, but the process is worth the time.

You can sue your city hall

Note that lawsuits against a government entity are not the same as a lawsuit with a private individual. You will have a much different process to go through, such as filing a notice of claim as well as understanding the statute of limitations regarding accidents involving government contractors.

If you wait too long to file a claim or begin your research, you may be left paying the damages out of your own pocket. Therefore it is imperative that you act within a reasonable time after the accident.

Creating the Claim

As stated above, roadside construction accidents are a little different than an accident with a civilian. A Chicago car accident lawyer would recommend taking the fundamentals of a civilian accident and applying them to this type of scenario, with a few added information.

You should first call the police and quickly begin to document everything around. This should include collecting witness statements, the street you’re on, the direction you were driving as well as the thing that caused the accident in the first place. Speak to the person in charge and receive a statement from them as well.

When Going After City Hall Is Not an Option

Perhaps the most common roadblock you will face in this type of accident is that your local or state government will attempt to remove all fault from themselves.

This isn’t to get away from paying for your car but to enforce their own policies. Although this may look like you’re not going to receive justice, it may simply be a small bump in the road for receiving compensation.

Your next move is to consult with your attorney and see if filing a claim against the construction company is a possibility.

Construction Company & Crew

When construction companies are hired by governments to fix roads, they are also given a set of safety guidelines to follow. These may include blocking off repair sites, cleaning debris that may come onto the main road, and providing adequate light at night.

If you’re involved in an accident caused by negligence from the crew, filing a claim against the construction company may be your best bet. Much like a regular type of accident, you should make sure to take photos, write down statements, and obtain a police report.

Getting into an accident with a roadside construction company is a very different experience than you would have with a civilian. Therefore, it is important to understand your rights and the options you have at your disposal in order to obtain the proper compensation.

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