Summer Products in Wholesale Women’s Clothing

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Especially the summer season is the period when sales increases in women’s clothing products are experienced. In this period , the production of many clothes such as crops , t-shirts and shorts with seasonal fabrics gains momentum. Wholesale women clothing manufacturers are the biggest supporters of boutiques that want to make retail sales with women’s clothing products . At this point, one of the brands that does not spare its support for the boutiques it works with is Kaktüs Moda, the pioneer of wholesale women’s clothing. Offering cargo to all over Turkey, Kaktüs Moda offers a wide range of options to retailers with its high quality and constantly renewed models. At Kaktüs Moda, wholesale women’s clothing products are produced with natural fabrics such as cotton and denim. These products, which can be washed in the washing machine, are extremely resistant to wear and tear. Making a name for itself with the innovations it has brought to the women’s wholesale clothing sector, Kaktüs Moda offers its buyers 14 different payment methods, various discounts and cargo opportunities. Wholesale women’s clothing products purchased from Kaktüs Moda are delivered to customers ready for sale.

Wholesale Crop Models

Kaktüs Moda’s wholesale crop top models have designs that highlight the abdomen and waist area. These products, which are mostly preferred in spring and summer, are designed in many different colors and models. Among these models; draped crop , balloon sleeve crop , strapless sweetheart neck crop , casual fit crop , rope strap crop , open shoulder crop , pleated crop crop , oversize / shabby crop , shirred detail crop , zipper detail crop , buttoned crop , back zipper detail crop varieties are available. Kaktüs Moda uses knitted fabric, diving fabric, leather fabric and lace fabric types in wholesale crop top models. In this way, crops do not cause sweating and bad odor formation. Wholesale crop top models are very long-lasting as well as being stylish.

Wholesale Women’s T-Shirts

Women’s t-shirts, which can be worn alone or with various items such as cardigans and shirts, are the most preferred clothing products at any time of the year, including winter. Kaktüs Moda , which always offers designs suitable for the trends in wholesale women’s t-shirts, continues to maintain its understanding of quality production in this category as well. Offering comfort and elegance together, wholesale women’s t-shirt models are divided into two as printed t-shirts and unprinted t-shirts. The production of printed wholesale t-shirts is done with the latest technology machines. In this way, color discoloration, cracking and shedding are not seen in the prints that gain a long-lasting structure. Oversized t-shirts , one of the most preferred models in wholesale women’s clothing, are also included in Kaktüs Moda’s wholesale women’s t-shirt collection. First quality fabrics used in t-shirts do not have problems such as dismantling. In addition, these products can be washed frequently in the washing machine; No color fading occurs.

Wholesale Bustier Models

It can be combined with pieces such as women’s trousers, women’s jeans and skirts. bustiers have a wide choice of colors and models at Kaktüs Moda. In wholesale bustier category, strapless bustier , strapless It is possible to find bustier , transparent strap bustier , knitted bustier , strapless style collar bustier and more. The wholesale bustier models, in which knitted fabric, camisole fabric and atlas fabric types are used , are of very high quality and long-lasting. You can find wholesale crops designed and produced as brand new every season at Kaktüs Moda.

Wholesale Women’s Shorts Models

Shorts, one of the first women’s clothing products to be worn when the weather warms up, herald the arrival of summer. It is possible to find high quality products in Kaktüs Moda , a wholesale women’s clothing brand that puts its signature under brand new designs in wholesale women’s shorts models every season. It can be combined with pieces such as t-shirt, crop top , bustier and shirt. The desired elegance can be achieved with wholesale women’s shorts . You can easily find the product you are looking for by examining the collection, which includes models such as shorts with straw belts, shorts with elastic waist, wide shorts, shorts with combed fabric, shorts with large pockets, jean shorts, shorts with erika fabric, shorts with linen fabric, shorts with lace patterns.

Wholesale Women’s Tights Models

Women’s leggings are one of the most preferred women’s clothing products by women who care about their comfort in daily life and do sports frequently . Produced with flexible and breathable fabrics , wholesale women’s leggings models provide comfort to the wearer. Kaktüs Moda ‘s wholesale women’s leggings category has models with many different colors and patterns. Among these, text-printed leggings, patterned leggings, straight leggings, slim-fit leggings and normal waist leggings can be listed. All of the wholesale women’s leggings models, thanks to the high fabric quality, tightly wrap the body and do not cause problems such as opening. With the wholesale women’s leggings models of Kaktüs Moda, the pioneer of wholesale women’s clothing, you can enjoy daily activities without sweating.