The 5ers Review 2023 – Is This The Best Funded Account?

What Is The 5ers?

Founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, The 5ers is a prop trading firm and growth program for beginners and experienced forex traders. The 5ers offer access to most FX pairs (majors & cross-majors), commodities (silver & gold), and indices (S&P500, UK100, among others).

The 5ers offers three different funded accounts for traders, including instant funding and a high-stakes option for professional traders. The challenge process is very similar for all three accounts, and payouts start at 75% of the profits you make. With the high-stakes account, you can access up to 1:100 leverage on your trades, and you have up to 12 months to complete any of the challenges.

In this quick The 5ers summary, I will go over all the best features of this platform. If you want to read a more in-depth analysis, check out our full The 5ers review.

Pros & Cons of The 5ers


  • Instant funding
  • Payouts start at 75-80% of the profits you make
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices
  • Access from 1:10 to 1:100 leverage
  • Maximum of 12 months to complete any challenge
  • Earn bonuses when completing each challenge
  • Supported assets include FX, metals, and indices
  • Comprehensive learning resources for beginners


  • You can only withdraw once every 14 days
  • Trading experience is highly recommended

Choose From 3 Different Funding Programs And Get Funded Instantly

The 5ers offers three different funding programs you can choose from, with varying degrees of risk. For beginners, there’s the Bootcamp Program. With the Bootcamp Program, you can choose from two account sizes: $100k and $250k. To get your funded account you have to complete a three-step challenge and reach the profit targets at each stage. The maximum time to complete this challenge is 12 months, and the leverage is up to 1:10. You can trade FX pairs (majors & cross-majors), commodities (silver & gold), and indices (S&P500, UK100, and others).

The other two programs are the Instant Funding and High Stakes Forex Funding accounts, and we recommend them for experienced investors only. With these accounts, you can trade the FX pairs, commodities, and indices, and access substantially higher leverage – starting at 1:30 and 1:100 respectively.

You can request payments once every 14 days, and payouts on all three accounts start at 75%-80% of the profits you make. You can work your way up to 100% – plus a salary, for the High Stakes Forex Funding accounts.

Advanced Research Tools

The 5ers dashboard is compatible with the MetaTrader5 software, and after you sign up for an account you’ll gain access to three proprietary research tools, plus all the free, exclusive features included in the MetaTrader5 Platform.

Some of the proprietary research tools include:

  • Max Lot Calculator
  • Risk Exposure
  • Drag & Trade

All three of these can be imported directly into the MT5 platform, and work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web platform.

Educational Resources

For beginners, The 5ers offers comprehensive resources, including a coaching webinar series, a trading room with weekly forex forecasts, and key insights into trading psychology. You can also sign up for Live Trading Events and Open Trading Rooms and see how the pros do it, in real-time.

The 5ers Fees

  • Bootcamp Program Demo Account (account size $100k-$250k): €95-€225 (one-time fee)
  • Instant Funding (account size $10k-$40k): €95-€225 (one-time fee)
  • High Stakes Forex Funding (account size $20k-$100k): $165-$495 (one-time fee)

Sign-Up Process

All The 5ers funding programs are available to traders worldwide. There are no special requirements so sign up; you can get started with just a name and email address. Here are the steps:

  • Visit The 5ers’ website
  • On the top right, click Quick Start
  • Select one of the Funding Programs
  • Fill in some of your basic information

If you use our link to sign up, you’ll get a 10% discount on all challenges, plus the option to join The 5ers referral program. You can earn 10% commissions on all funding programs whenever one of your friends signs up – with no limits.

The 5ers Trustpilot Reviews 

The 5ers has decent reviews from its users, and it holds an average rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot. Here’s what some of those users have to say about The 5ers:

  • “To me, the 5ers has been a great first-time experience inside a prop firm. The criteria that are evaluated in the challenge are reasonable and at the same time flexible enough for traders to reach those goals. Whenever I faced any issues regarding the challenge, the 5ers support team has been very attentive and has responded fairly quickly. .” – Benjamin E.
  • “Had some trouble registering for the new instant funding, but was told the support team is working on fixing the issue. I appreciated the quick feedback and reassurance..” – Christopher L.
  • “I’m giving 4 Stars because I just started the challenge and I want to get some more experience until my final review. But so far everything has been pretty positive, from spreads to customer support..” – Ioannis P.
  • “I have been trading with The5Ers for the last few months and I am extremely satisfied with them. This is a great company. The fact that you do not have a daily loss limit and time limit like 30 days/ 60 days in boot camp sets this company head and shoulders above the rest.” – Jose P.

If you are not entirely convinced that The 5ers is the right prop trading account for you after reading these reviews, we recommend checking out our SurgeTrader review. SurgeTrader is better suited for professional traders and offers a starting payout rate of 90% on all your profits.

Final Thoughts

The 5ers is a funded trading company and one of the best options for experienced traders. With The 5ers you can trade xxx, and after you get your funded account you can leverage your trades for up to 1:100. The starting payouts are relatively low, compared to other prop trading companies, but you can work your way up to 100% – plus a salary, when you qualify for some of the more advanced scaling plans. For those reasons, we recommend The 5ers funded accounts for experienced traders who want to take their trades to the next level.