The Best Way to Find a Second Physician Practice Position

A physician might spend years building a practice only to find they must move on for some reason. They begin looking for their second physician practice, thinking the process will be easier now that they have some experience. They know what they are looking for and believe the right opportunity will be easy to find.

For some physicians, the process is easy. Other doctors, however, find they struggle to find a physicians position. Part of the problem is they lack the time to research different opportunities. They continue treating patients, so phone interviews and site visits are often relegated to a back burner. They need to make this time if they want to find their next practice. How can this process be simplified?

Establishing a Structure for the Search

When a physician is unhappy in their current position, they may think they want the opposite when they land a new job. However, the focus should be on positive things. A doctor might want a wider variety of cases or more time off. Knowing the costs and trade-offs of obtaining these priorities is important. In fact, for many doctors, lifestyle is the deciding factor today.

Needs or Wants?

Once a doctor decides what they want and don’t want with their next job, it’s time to determine which items are needs and which are wants. It never hurts to have a list of deal breakers as well. Create this list independently and then share it with your spouse or partner and possibly other family members who will be making the transition with you. When this list is complete and you are ready to begin the search, consider reaching out to a recruiter for help in finding opportunities. More time should also be spent talking with members of the organization before committing to a site visit.

Practice Culture

Another thing to consider when choosing a second practice is the culture and work environment. When doing a site visit, the physician should spend time talking to employees throughout the practice, rather than focusing solely on those who are in charge. Nobody wants to spend their days in an uncomfortable environment, so site visits should take place over multiple days. This extended visit allows all parties to get a better idea of whether they will be a good fit.

Prepare for Tough Questions

A physician needs to prepare for tough questions during the interview. Often, these questions revolve around why the physician is leaving their current practice. At times, the physician is moving for family reasons or something completely unrelated to the current practice. However, in certain situations, they are leaving because the practice is no longer a good fit. You need to articulate this without coming across as disgruntled or something of that nature. However, feel free to ask tough questions of those conducting the interview, as you want to know what you are getting into.

Making a Good Impression

When looking for a second practice, a doctor needs to make a good impression. Be professional and courteous throughout the process and show a commitment to collaboration with others. Good manners are essential.

Family Support

One thing that is crucial when looking for a second practice is the support of your spouse and family. Every family member needs to be able to weigh in on the decision. This decision is not one you want to spring on the family as a surprise.

Physicians should not go from practice to practice for site visits. Reserve these visits for two or three of the most promising opportunities. Doing so will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed, as most people will feel fortunate to get 80 percent or more of what they are looking for in a job.