The Milk Road Crypto Newsletter: What Was The Key To Their Business Model Success?

Invented by Shaan Puri and Ben Levy, Milk Road project has been one of the fastest-growing crypto newsletters in 2022. In just six months, it raised $1 million and 150K subscribers. What were the highlights of their success? Let’s figure it out together.

Project idea

According to, the Milk Road founders used a well-known and effective model to their advantage. The fundamental concept was to provide daily crypto news in a lighthearted and interesting manner to today’s technologically savvy audience. 

As guys say: “We took two distinct skills – awesome copywriting and understanding of cryptography – and mixed them. There are perhaps 5 persons on earth who are capable of doing it. That is why the project succeeded”.

A secret ingredient was transparency and excellent authoring. Emails as well as news from the Milk Road crypto news are usually written in a very informal style. The letter seems to have been written specifically for you.

The information provided on their website is for general information purposes only. Although they don’t guarantee the accuracy and warn that reliance on such information is solely at your own risk, many have already confirmed that often the opinion of the authors coincides with reality and the analysis of top experts.

What’s more, Shaan and Ben are quite open and honest. They discuss their opinions on new crypto coins and publish regular updates on their investing portfolio.

The plan was even too smart since Milk Road was able to boost its subscriber base by 150,000 even during a severe market slump!

However, it’s worth saying that the audience of Shaan and Ben didn’t grow from scratch. The base is the people Shaan has attracted over the past two years by being a host of My First Million, a top 10 business podcast. Moreover, Shaan had a weekly newsletter with 30,000 followers and over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Nevertheless, the guys say that those who want the same success must have such an audience. You can use your industry experience, your work speed, or your ability to make people laugh at the most mundane things.

Find a unique ability that you are better than others at and use it.

Key elements of project success

  • Transparency. Transparency creates trust. Trust creates an army of Milk Road readers who in turn recommend the newsletter to others.
  • Referral system. Milk Road offering exclusive content after you refer a new reader.
  • Reviews of readers. Milk Road focuses on reader feedback, offering the ability to vote after each email. They also post reader testimonials, which further motivate you to respond to your review email. This is part of building a community of loyal followers.
  • Humor. In addition to the absolutely stunning language in which the guys communicate with the audience, they also mastered the trendy TikTok. This is where the members of the project throw off funny sketches about crypto life, tips and memes. It cannot fail to win over.

The only flaw is geographic restrictions. The owner of the Milk Road website is based in the State of New York in the United States. So owners provide this website for use only by persons located in the US. Access to the it may not be legal in certain countries. So make sure you are responsible for compliance with local laws.

Also, their news is forbidden to children under 16 years.

Wrap up 

The Milk road crypto newsletter is a fantastic example of using a well-known business structure in a new sector. Building a devoted fanbase around the brand was a great accomplishment for Shaan and Ben. Everything that Shaan Puri touches turns to gold. And Milk Road isn’t the exception. 

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