The Portable Monitor Helps Us Work

The digital world is changing, and the need to install technological artifacts multiplies. 

LEPOW was established in Hong Kong in 2011 as a creativity-driven company. It creates an interpersonal relationship with innovation and creativity by providing technological artifacts and giving users a quality and durable product.

Many large companies, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, and homes have incorporated portable displays. Give them multiple functionalities for work, entertainment and study.

Our portable monitor has some prominent features, making it one of the best in the market.

Portable Monitor Features


The portable monitor screen offers an immersive viewing experience with stunning color reproduction. Enjoy high definition when you share your screen in a meeting, video conference, or game.

You can connect the screen in the office to have a better view of information and data and present your reports faster. 

And also, you can connect the portable monitor for entertainment: play video or online games with a more excellent range of displays.

Live a new experience with brilliant color reproduction and image quality. They are making our users loyal to their choice in their next portable monitor purchase.

Digital Connectivity

One of the main benefits of the portable monitor can be connected with multiple devices like PCs, phones, laptops, and even games devices like PS3/4, Wii, Switch, XBOX ONE, etc.

Suppose you need to extend your screen on a trip or at home. You can connect the portable monitor to your device via a Mini HDMI port with a simple connection Type-c.

You can play business presentations and reports, play games, watch videos, watch TV series, play photos, etc.

You will have a fast and easy connection. Moreover, you will feel free to use the portable monitor in your activities where you must share a larger screen.

It will become a necessary device at home and in your office.

Dual Speaker

The portable monitor has two built-in speakers. So, you can display media files when listening to music, watching movies, or playing games.

The speaker has regulated sound levels. It makes playback comfortable for both children and adults to listen to. As a result, they are allowing not only a benefit at home but also good attention.

It also features HDR mode, which provides an excellent stream for giving a presentation connected at work or in an online game.

Take advantage of the opportunity to show the quality of your team by using the device.

Slim & Portable Design

The slim and light design of the portable monitor is perfect for moving the equipment where it is needed—allowing a presentation with an image that complements the exhibition.

You can use it for video conferencing or presentations at work. Also, you can work with a dual screen to avoid wasting time switching between screens to get better and faster reports. And project in a school exhibition or enlarge images in a game you plan to play.

Smart Cover & Screen Protector

There are many monitors out there that are sensitive and will break with the slightest hit.

But this portable monitor case made of PU leather provides excellent protection. It can also be adapted to make a real stand for your device. You can accommodate it for better viewing of the portable monitor.

We know that accidents often happen both at work and home, preventing your portable monitor from scratch and thus lasting longer.

The portable monitor will provide you with multiple benefits. You can take advantage of both at home and in the office.

Benefits of a Portable Screen

With a portable screen, you can have the following benefits in the office:

  • A better visualization of the work you are doing.
  • A more significant amount of information and data at the same time.
  • An additional screen to make an exhibition.

With a portable screen, you can have the following benefits in your home: