The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Guy Grip for Your ADSS Cable

Guy grips are usually used to tie the conducting wires with poles to integrate them into a single structure. Like any other wire, the guy grip is commonly used to integrate ADSS cables with the poles/towers that must be tied. ADSS cables are mostly used in the telecommunication industry, so a bit of negligence in their operation can disrupt the communication channels in the area, resulting in a complete mess. Sometimes these cables are designed to allow span lengths of 700 meters, which increases the importance of guy grips in these cables.

Consideration When Purchasing Guy Grips for ADSS Cables

However, before buying these grips for ADSS cables, it is critical to take care of the following things: 

  1. Materials of the Guy Grip

Checking the material of the guy grip for ADSS cables is always a recommended approach since a wrongly selected material is guaranteed to mess up the whole system. Modern-day ADSS grips are made of aluminum-clad and galvanized steel, so you need to try to get these materials at any cost.

  1. The Installation Span Length

It is crucial to determine the installation span length to get the best results from the guy grips. The duty of the grip is reduced if the distance between two poles is less. So you must consider the span length before finalizing the material and the manufacturer for the grip for ADSS cables. The longer the span, the more investment you need for a guy grip.

  1. Performance of the Guy Grip

The most important thing you need to consider while purchasing a preformed guy grip for ADSS cables is the performance of these devices. Do they perform the functions that they intend to do? Are they holding the wires with the poles correctly and strongly? If you are an expert, you can check the nitty-gritty of these grips manually, or you can always look for testimonials and product reviews.

Henvcon Guy Grip Recommendation for ADSS Cables

Henvcon brings two different types of grips for ADSS, including:

  • Short Span Guy Grip For ADSS Cable
  • Medium/Long Span ADSS Guy Grip

Let’s look at them one by one.

  1. Short Span Guy Grip For ADSS Cable

Short span grips come with the following benefits: 

  • Short span guy grip for ADSS is specifically designed to connect cables and poles when the installation span length is less than 100 meters;
  • Single and Stable structured grips;
  • Easy to install;
  • As they are designed for a short span, they are relatively cheaper than other products;
  • Made up of aluminum clad steel and galvanized steel wire.
  1. Medium/Long Span ADSS Guy Grip

On the other hand, medium/long span ADSS grips come with the following features and advantages:

  • Manufactured with aluminum-clad or galvanized steel;
  • Composed of helical dead-end and structural reinforcing rods;
  • Used for ADSS installation with more than 200 meters span length;
  • Medium span ADSS guy grip comes up with a span length of 200-400 meters;
  • Long-span ADSS grips are used when the installation span is more than 400 meters.

About Henvcon

Henvcon is a professional guy grip manufacturer which comes with the following strengths:

Brilliant Customer Support

Henvcon has extraordinary customer support services, which are capable of facilitating customers in every possible instance. Even if you face any technical difficulty after getting their products, their technical team is always quick to reach out to you and solve your problem.

Multiple Products Company

Henvcon is not a single product company as it has mastered the art of manufacturing electric cables, fittings, and accessories in various niches. Their different products include suspension clamps, link fittings, helical accessories, railway fittings, and PVC products.

Wrapping Up

Henvcon is a leading manufacturer of preformed dead end guy grip, electricity cable fittings, lines, and wire fittings. By serving in the telecommunication, electric power, and railway industries for more than 10 years, they have accumulated valuable experience, helping them expand their operations in other industries as well.

Their distinction in manufacturing bulk orders, even with the tight deadlines, makes them stand out from the crowd. Henvcon provides highly competitive prices and prompt service, which helps its client to build projects effectively and efficiently.

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