Social Media Marketing: A beginners Guide to get started on Tiktok Advertisement

TikTok advertisement article image 4932929It’s almost absurd when you actually take a moment to realize the magnitude of significance social media has achieved over the course of its existence. It is estimated that there are currently over 2 billion social media users worldwide, out of which 1.2 billion are active users (using at least one type of social media app every day).

This means the majority of the people having access to the internet invest a good amount of their daily time swiping through at least one platform of social media. Over the years, there have been massive iterations in the field of social media. Developers have tried squeezing out their creative juices to come up with a unique platform that offers the equivalent convenience of a traditional social media, yet something new and refreshing to draw the attention of the billions of potential customers on the internet.


Tiktok is one of the latest social media prodigies that have taken the world by storm. It provides the funky element of excitement, but most importantly, it challenges users to explore the creative aspects of their cerebrum. Tiktok is a unique social media platform that allows its users to make short videos, either lip-syncing to music videos or just any type/ genre of original video ideas, and share it amongst the other users on the platform.

This has led people to pursue the marketing aspect of TikTok as it provides an ideal platform to reach out to a mass audience without having to invest significant resources or time. Posting content ads on TikTok has become a legitimate part of marketing strategy, and you should also consider venturing out if you haven’t considered it already.

However, one of the key factors that will play a crucial role in ensuring optimum efficiency from such a marketing venture is the number of likes your content receives. Much like any traditional social media culture, the number of likes is directly associated with reliability and brand trust. The more likes your content receives – the higher the chances of users actually clicking on the link and visiting your webpage. You can, of course, wait for your content to garner likes the traditional way or simply buy TikTok fans online if you want instantaneous results.

Different types of TikTok advertisements

Tiktok advertisement is relatively still a new feature, and hence, there aren’t any astounding figures to motivate new users to pursue this venture with convincing certainty. However, with the increasing number of users and its massive unexplored potential, TikTok advertisement is too good a marketing value to pass out on. As an alternative to advertisements, you can buy TikTok followers to boost your profile.

At present TikTok supports some specific forms of promotional advertisements. These are:

  1. Hashtag challenge
  2. Infeed advertisements
  3. Brand Takeover, and
  4. Branded lens
  • Hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenge is probably the hottest trend on any social media platform. It is the easiest way to get your brand recognized, as people on social media apparently can’t get enough of these challenges.

Hashtag challenge advertisement is the best way to ensure user interaction, as its primary purpose is to encourage active participation in the first place. The nature of the challenge should, of course, be relevant to the products/services you’re offering.  Due to their active participation rate, the hashtag challenge ad has probably the highest chances of becoming viral at the quickest duration.

  • In-feed advertisements

The in-feed advertisement is the most basic form of content ads you can post on TikTok. Similar to how you normally post your TikTok videos, in-feed ads allow you to create promotional video content and share that with other users.

The success of such advertisement formats depends primarily on the quality of the content, as it does not depend on any other external components, unlike the persuasive participation element of the hashtag challenge.

In-feed ads can be categorized into three modes – CPC (cost per click), CPV (Cost per view), and CPM (cost per mille). All these forms of in-feed advertisements encourage the marketers to create a unique content ad to generate as many user interactions as possible for which they get paid per view/ click/ or any other actionable measures taken.

  • Brand Takeover

Brand Takeover refers to the form of a promotional advertisement that allows a particular brand to take virtual control over the platform to enhance the chances of user interaction. In this type of marketing, you can create any type of content, such as short videos, gifs, or images with your product’s link. The app will only display your content ad the first time a user opens the app. In brief, the TikTok app will only display your ad to enhance the chances of user interaction.

However, it is crucial to note that this form of advertisement is only limited to one user a day.

  • Branded lens

This is rather a familiar feature for people who use alternate social media such as Instagram or Snapchat. Similar to other social media branded lenses, such as the AR lens that allows users to filter various aspects of their image or videos, you can create a similar lens to help users utilize your service. Considering how important a role these filters play prior to users uploading their contents on TikTok, this simple advertisement format can produce overwhelming results.

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