Top 10 B Corp Names that Are Changing the World

Top 10 B corp namesB-Corp certifications measure businesses’ environmental and social performance. These certifications are offered by the B-Lab, a non-profit organization that analyses each business and offers certifications only for the companies that make a change. The process is a very detailed one, incorporating and analysing data from carbon emission footprint to diversity, and more. Companies have to share those results and integrate into their internal processes and policies new measures that could aid the social and environmental care shown. After the process is completed, these companies adopt a new status: The B-Corp status.

Growing increasingly aware that societies need more than the tireless work of non-profits and Governments, more companies look forward to bring their fair contributions to eradicating hunger, inequity and poverty, creating jobs for disadvantaged categories and so on. The business environment is becoming more aware of the potential that it holds in these regards and more companies are constantly reminded that only those “good businesses” thrive and survive in this paradigm shift.

#1. Patagonia

Everybody loves Patagonia and this happens for a series of reasons. The outdoor products in their range have superior quality, the company uses innovative technologies and fabrics in the manufacturing process and it is a well-known brand for its increased conservation efforts. Yearly, Patagonia donates 100% of their profits from Black Friday to notorious NGOs and foundation with a pronounced role in air protection, water protection and conservation, soil quality and preservation. Only in 2016, Patagonia donated more than $10 million to such organizations and foundations. The company got its B-Certification in 2012, being the first enterprise in California to sign up for B certification. Besides the yearly Black Friday profit donations, Patagonia donates 1% of the yearly profit to other similar organizations and foundations. During the past 3 decades, the company donated almost $90 million to organizations focused on sustainability.

#2. Cotopaxi

Another outdoor brand with immense contributions to charitable causes, Cotopaxi believes that beneficial actions and profits can not only coexist, but actually profit from each other in the most constructive fashion. Besides the top-range outdoor products manufactured and sold by the company, it brings its fair contribution to local communities and funding non-profit organizations that develop sustainable solutions. Working for Cotopaxi is more than work time. The employees spend 10% of their work time helping the local communities and in outdoor adventures. The company also features a Repurposed Collection, a limited-edition collection of products manufactured of scraps and waste fabric.

#3. Casper

Casper is a B corporation since 2016 and it is a well-known company for being picky when choosing their suppliers and collaborators. The company favours those suppliers owned by women that are also up to date with their social and environmental conduct and performance. The company supplies sheets and pillows (also, dog beds!) and prides itself with their mattresses, carefully developed by product engineers that previously collaborated with NASA.

#4. Allbirds

Allbirds is a notorious shoe brand that prides itself on being the “world’s most comfortable shoes”. The company uses stringent standards in the manufacturing process, as well as late-generation technologies and fabrics. The company uses ZQ-certified merino wool (the certification means that the wool is sourced from sustainable farming and animal welfare). Another collection was sourced from eucalyptus pulp, an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric with impressive cooling properties. The pricing range is affordable, the company aiming to make eco-friendly and sustainable products accessible to the large audience.

The brand also features a collection of flip-flops was manufactured from the first carbon-negative EVA foam, making a breakthrough in the shoe manufacturing industry. The company is a vocal militant for new, sustainable materials and encourages even its direct competitors to adopt such fabrics.

#5. Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant Inc. is an e-commerce platform that recently got its B-Corp certification. The overall score was 84, an incredibly high score. This means that the company outperformed its competitors in most of the focus areas of their activity. Not only the company is involved in numerous social and environmental matters, but its main activity is what recommends it as a B-Corp company. The platform offers discount codes that users can enjoy and the money can be donated to charities, in the end. And so, the Giving Assistant helped its users to donate over $250,000 to Zidisha, a West Africa-based company, which allowed the company to fund almost 10,000 microloans in developing countries. For every coupon used, more money is raised by the platform to help other causes around the world.

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A certified B Corp is a company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, as well as legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

#6. Ethique

Ethique is a beauty brand that annually donates 2% of revenue or 20% of profits to charity. The company focuses on developing certified cruelty-free and climate-neutral beauty products, from soaps to body washes and self-tanners. Their products have an environmental-friendly packaging, bar-like products, wrapped in bio-degradable paper. The company is a chemical-free company, which prevents harmful chemicals from reaching water supplies.

#7. UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods is a market place targeted at food producers that like to display their unusual food inventions. The company’s approach allows their lowest-paying employees to make twice the minimum wage. Besides, the company is collaborating with creators that show care and attention to social and environmental causes.

#8. Athleta

Athleta designs and manufactures affordable clothing for female athletes. The quality of their products is premium and their activity focuses on women and girl emancipation and empowerment. Known for numerous philanthropy acts, the company is committed to manufacture 80% of their clothing products with sustainable fibres, diverting 80% of their waste from a landfill and reaching a number of 10,000 female employees, all these by 2020.

#9. Dogeared

Dogeared is a brand of jewellery that believes that social responsibility, environmental responsibility and business can actually go hand in hand. The company aims to inspire its customers to also become involved in charitable actions and dedicate more of their time to helping the local community.

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There are more than 2,600 B Corps across 150 industries in 60 countries.


MPOWERD is a NY-based B-Corp that aims to manufacture affordable and innovative products and solutions that allow the user to integrate and enjoy clean energy into their daily lives. Customers can find a wide range of life-changing solar lights for off-grip communities and houses. The company has a strategic NGO partnership in more than 30 countries from all over the world.