Top 10 Careers of the Future

Compare the global marketplace of the 21st century and that of the last millennium, and you will notice a huge difference. But even on a smaller scale, there’s still a lot of disparity. The kinds of jobs we had ten years ago are not the same as the ones we have now.

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As the world continues to record huge advances in technology, new jobs are popping up, and some old ones are going into extinction.

Consequently, the need to pick the right career cannot be overemphasized if you want to be relevant in tomorrow’s workforce. Glancing through job sites will quickly show you that the job growth in various industries differs. While competition is growing in some fields, demand is contracting in many areas.

This leads one to ask the all-important question – what are the best careers of the future?

To provide a good answer to this question, there are three important considerations that need to be made – the level of job satisfaction, the pay, and the potential for job growth.

No doubt, many jobs in tech and healthcare meet the stakes. But there are others that also show promises.

To ensure you make the best career choice, we’ve researched the top ten professions to work in over the next decade and beyond.

Public Health

Public health has always been a coveted field, and this doesn’t look to be changing in the coming years. There are basically two reasons why the demand for professionals in this field will continue to rise. The first is the unending threat of epidemics to the global environment, and the second is the continual increase in population.

Jobs in this field range from lab work to policy formulation. Individuals can work in hospitals, non-profits, or government organizations.

Financial Analyst

There has never been a better time than now when the government and individuals need to make frugal use of available resources. Planning is required to wade through the unsettled economic times that plague many nations every now and then.

With every passing day, it is becoming necessary to predict the financial future of individuals, businesses, and the whole country. Thus, the need for experts in the field continues to grow.

Surprisingly, as the older pros are leaving the industry, there’s a shortfall of young financial analysts to take their place.

So if you’re thinking of a career in finance, there’s no better time to get in than now.

All you need to get started is a bachelor’s degree in finance or any related discipline. An MBA would definitely be a plus. Of course, you need to have a strong background in maths.


The construction industry has always been one of the most attractive and rewarding fields in recent times. It is still expected to boom in the coming years though not as in the last few decades.

The need for construction work is rising again after a shortfall in recent years, and thus, the need for highly skilled specialized workers is growing.

There are a lot of opportunities in career options such as building, plumbing, carpentry, and masonry. Some fields like civil engineering require at least a bachelor’s degree to get in while others like carpentry only need a certain level of training and experience.

Medical Science

This is another big giant in the workforce. Right from time immemorial, medical practitioners have always been in high demand, and this will obviously not change in the future.

From surgeons and doctors to lab technicians and certified nurses, a career in the medical field is not only promising but very rewarding.


Transportation is something that never stops even when the economy is unsettled. People are definitely going to be traveling every day. And with many jobs going remote, there has never been a better time to go into the travel and tourism industry.

Different opportunities abound. You could sign up to become a travel agent, or you could decide to work in a hotel or a local museum. You could also opt to become a pilot or an air hostess or work at the airport.

Although each of these opportunities has different requirements, the salary compensation seems to be attractive as well as the flexibility of work and opportunities for growth.

Content Creation

With online home-based jobs and freelancing becoming more popular, the demand for digital content creators continues to rise. These days almost everyone spends a good chunk of their time online, prompting the need for businesses to become more creative and engaging with their digital content.

As a result, more writers are needed to provide different types of content for businesses and companies. The good thing about this market is that you can work from home in many cases.


As long as companies continue to produce things or offer some kind of service, good marketers will always be needed to convince the public to buy.

This is more visible in markets that are largely dominated by competition. Companies will always need exceptional marketers to make their offerings stand out.

To excel in this field, you need to keep up with the ever-evolving sales strategies and techniques.

Alternative Energy

Even though oil and gas are still the dominant sources of power, the market for alternative energy continues to grow as the technology continues to improve.

Efficiency is one of the major challenges with using some of these newer systems, but recently a lot of technological advancements have been made. In fact, countries like Brazil use ethanol heavily for various energy applications.

It is expected that in the coming years, alternative energies like wind power, solar power, geothermal, and others will largely replace oil and gas. As a result, the demand for engineers, scientists, and other professionals continues to grow in these fields.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a very good career option that is often neglected by people. And one of the major reasons for this is because they don’t really understand what the profession entails.

Their main duty is to help people recover or build their abilities so that they can carry on with their work or daily lives.

There’s almost no end to where you can work as an occupational therapist – in schools, hospitals, corporations, and so on. The end goal is to assist people in becoming more productive at their work or live happier lives.
An organized strategy can substantially help success when studying for tests in the field of occupational therapy. As the cornerstone of your work, the fundamental ideas and practical methods must be mastered. The NBCOT tests serve as certification tests for the knowledge and abilities of occupational therapists. Think of the NBCOT practice questions from True Learn as a useful weapon in your toolbox because the questions accurately reflect the structure of the actual exam. These tests are an opportunity to show your comprehension and dedication to improving the lives of others, just like in your future profession as an occupational therapist where adaptability and empathy are essential.

An organized strategy can substantially help success when studying for tests in the field of occupational therapy. As the cornerstone of your work, the fundamental ideas and practical methods must be mastered.

Information Technology

Here comes the biggest one – information technology. Ever since the advent of the internet, it is almost difficult to imagine life with computers or gadgets. The internet has basically influenced every aspect of our lives, ranging from business to our daily lifestyles.

IT professionals are needed everywhere, and various roles continue to evolve in the field. Although there’s a huge demand in every sector, the three major giants of the future are predicted to be cybersecurity, machine learning, and software development.

It is interesting to note that most jobs in the IT industry don’t require a college degree. This makes it even more attractive for those looking to switch careers or those who can’t pay university tuition. However, an advanced degree will help you get ahead in your IT career. Increasing your credentials and keeping up a good performance is a must for you to retain and succeed in your career.

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