Top Most Relevant Topics on Instagram

The only place where you can find the most relevant influencers according to your niche is Instagram. Whether your niche relates to health, fitness, fashion, food, nature, inspiration etc, you can discover the most relevant influencers that too within your target audience. This is what makes Instagram so versatile and an ideal place for every enthusiast who wants to grow their face value.

Being an expert marketing team, we always suggest our clients first choose a niche before jumping into this platform. Not every niche can be suitable for you, subsequently, choosing the wrong niche will lead you to a dead-end.

Here in this article, we’ve tried to put together all those topics that you can select from. The best part is, most of these topics are always in trend and therefore, growth chances are maximum.

1. Food

The food category has become one of the widely-searched topics on Instagram in the last couple of years. Even if you’re not a dedicated food vloggers, still most Influencers love to share mouth-watering food photographs with their followers. Within this category, there are tons of relevant hashtags that drive thousands of traffic, #bonappetit is one of them.

2. Travel

Despite Covid, still, Travel is among the broad search topic over Instagram. Just like many other topics, this could be your sole topic as well as a secondary topic as well. We’ve seen many travel vloggers who got immense recognition with just a few videos.

Here’s the profile of Luke Damant who is a young travel vlogger and he got incredible appreciation from the locals within the last few months.

3. Fashion

Fashion is one of few topics that always remain a hot topic. To have an idea about the popularity of this category, you can check out the hashtag fashion. A fashion brand can’t assume to run its Instagram marketing without using Instagram. The in-app checkout option has made it even more suitable for fashion brands.

4. Fitness

There is no better place for Fitness gurus to create content and train the newbies than Instagram. Many Instagrammers have gained millions of followers within just a few months.

Here’s the profile of one of the famous fitness gurus, having 13 million followers on Instagram. This is an example that even if you’re a female fitness enthusiast, you can still become a famous Influencer.

5. Nature

The hashtag Nature is not new, but in recent years, it has gained immense relevance. Now, hashtags describing landscapes, mountains, lakes and seasons are being widely used on Instagram. It has given the opportunities to many Influencers to grow their target audience around this topic. Only the hashtag #snow has been used on 86 million posts on Instagram.

6. Inspiration

Since Instagram is a platform that solely focuses on presenting visual content infront of the audience. You may also have followed any of such pages which posts inspirational quotes infront of dark background. Some users may find it absurd and annoying, while many users actually like such content.

How to become successful in any niche at Instagram?

Few of the most important aspects that decide the future of your Instagram career are as follows:

  • Instagram Followers

Undoubtedly, Instagram followers are the most important thing that matters for your success. Many techniques can be used to maximize your followers count. If you’re a newbie who doesn’t have hundreds and thousands of followers then buying Instagram followers Australia can be the best option.

  • Engagement

One of the most essential ingredients for the recipe of your Instagram success is the engagement ratio. The more engagement your posts have, the better reach they will get. Engagement is the most-loved factor in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. You can employ different methods to get better engagement at your posts.

  • Quality-Content

There is simply no alternative to quality content. Quality content doesn’t always require you to spend many hours creating a single post. Quality content needs a creative idea and an image of good resolution. Instagram offers many filters, stickers etc that can make your content stand out from the ocean of content.

  • Right Techniques

Despite following all of the above-mentioned techniques, still, you need to have to set up the right strategy that can derive results. A good Instagram marketing strategy consists of several techniques and you’ve to take care of many things.


All of the widely-used topics/niches have been shared in this article. Also, we’ve mentioned how you can achieve instant success. All you need is to find the best site to buy Instagram followers and likes and to follow the above-mentioned techniques.

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