Optimistic 2020 Trends in E-Commerce Marketing

Trends in e-Commerce marketing - 4993

The new way consumers are shopping and the advent of online shops have significantly affected the industry of e-Commerce. Along with the changes in this industry is the way that experience towards e-businesses is being directed. The advancements in technology, together with the pandemic, showed growth in online businesses this 2020. With the increase in online competition, it is a move to E-commerce Marketing Services. Building a brand is essential since it might be a more challenging market because of the rise in competition.

To get ahead of the race, here are some trends in e-commerce marketing for 2020 you may want to consider.


Chatbots will continue to exist since most companies now will be limiting the number of employees providing customer assistance through phone. They will also be outsourcing their online support to limit the chances of having people that might get sick due to the presence of the COVID-19 virus. The growing levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are also on the rise because vendors will be trying to enhance customer service with the help of their Chatbots.

Personalized Marketing through Social Media

Among the  E-commerce Marketing Services, there will also be a more personal approach when it comes to branding and marketing. Direct messaging will be a trend because most companies will take advantage of social media platforms. Direct messages can also become proof of how knowledgeable the seller is regarding their brands.

Scammers and trolls can be limited as well since a screenshot of the conversation can be kept if anything goes wrong during the purchasing and delivery transactions. Customers will also utilize messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to communicate directly to the seller. This communication medium enables the customer and the seller to settle issues such as product defects and customer complaints. An essential thing for direct messaging to be a success is the username to verify the veracity of the customer.

Additionally, personalized marketing in social media is exercised when ads are tailored to the user. The ads are based on the interactions done by users, such as searching for a particular product, reading an article, or liking a product when shopping.

Video Marketing

Another leading trend to watch is video marketing. Businesses can now easily market their product on websites and video sharing sites like YouTube. This marketing ad can last for 30 seconds or can be as long as 3-5 minutes. This type of marketing is becoming a more popular e-commerce marketing service due to a variety of sites where videos can be added, as well as the ease of creating videos. The video marketing ad can also be made in an educational way or even in an entertaining style, as long as it promotes the product, and viewers will not skip the video ad.

Online Shopping

Mobile shopping or online shopping will continue to be a trend and is seen to be a growing movement with the fear of contracting the virus. This medium of commerce will also promote social distancing, not to mention the convenience it offers. Additionally, progressive web apps are proliferating in the market as it gives mobile users a native app-like experience. Making these apps more inviting are features such as push notifications and the ability to use it offline.

Payment Options

In connection with mobile shopping, different payment options utilizing the internet will be a trend. Although most online shops are practicing this method, more establishments are seen to be adding more options to cater to the growing market. Apps are incorporating wallets, such as Lazada Wallet, with some even offering rebates and discounts when the feature is utilized. Customers are also embracing these payment alternatives, with more users doing cashless transactions.


Micro-influencers will have better engagement with regards to their viewers and readers. These influencers are part of the growing market authority that can target smaller and specific groups of brands and products. They are popular among that certain group and are also influential among their followers.

Trends in e-Commerce marketing - 3993

The rise of e-commerce businesses will also modify the trends of marketing. It is advisable for organizations to keep up with the trends and innovate as well to give their business advantage. Use the trends mentioned above, personalize it and see your online business grow!

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