Tried and tested tips to support new parents on their journey

Becoming a parent will change your life forever, from flying to sleeping things will never be the same again. If you have recently started your journey and are feeling overwhelmed, rest assured you are not alone. Every new parent struggles to get settled into a new routine though the good news is, that support is at hand. Here are some top tips from tired parents from shopping lists to the magic of swaddling to ease you on your way and help you make the most of every precious moment.

1)  Be prepared

With a new baby to look after, there is a lot more to think about when it comes to shopping. Nappies, baby wipes and taking care of their nutrition will be top of the list. Getting a monthly order of all the essentials and making sure you are stocked up can prevent any moments of panic and make sure you and your little one have everything you need. Being prepared means more time for cuddles and play and taking time for coffee-breaks and power naps, as from one parent to another you will need them.

2)  Try and stick to a routine

Little ones have to learn the difference between daytime and night-time and this can take time. Getting them settled into a routine as soon as possible can help set them up for good sleeping habits that will keep you both smiling. Try and set bedtime and nap times and stick to them, this will settle their circadian rhythms and make sure they get the right balance of rest and play. Every baby will be different when it comes to how many naps they need and how quickly they get settled. Be patient and kind to yourself, sleeping routines can take time.

3)  Discover the secret of swaddling

Getting little ones to sleep is something all parents can find tough, especially in those first few months. The good news is, you are about to discover one of the best-kept secrets to help them drift off. Bamboo baby muslins! The beautifully soft fabric is perfect for wrapping your little one and swaddling them gently before bedtime. The cosy, secure swaddle helps them feel safe creating that feeling of being snug in the womb, perfect for calming, relaxing and soothing them off to dream.

4)  Bedtime stories

Another great way to calm and soothe your little one before bed is to read them a bedtime story. The benefits of reading before bed will not only start them on their learning journey, it will help them to unwind and feel comforted as they settle into rest. Whether straight from a book (the best way) or letting them listen to one of the many online stories available with an I-pad or I-phone will quickly teach them that it’s time to listen and rest. The sound of your voice can provide additional comfort and make for great bonding time. Presides is there anything better than snuggling in for reading time?

5)  Bath-time

We all know the benefits of a good soak before bed, though time in the tub can also be a great way to help your little one get ready for bed. Not only will they love the fun of a splash and bubbles, remember those little minds are taking in all the new exciting experiences… The drop in temperature when they are fresh, clean and dry will prepare them for sleep. The cooling effect on their bodies will naturally set them (and you) up for a better night’s rest.

6)  Be patient

With so much to get used to, becoming a parent is one of the biggest joys and challenges of life. Getting your little one settled into a sleeping routine and adapting to all your new responsibilities as a parent will take time and patience. Try and prioritise your rest as much as possible. Fitting in naps, coffee breaks and down time will help. Reach out to friends and family, having a support network can make a big difference in helping in those early months. Be kind to yourself and remember you are doing great!

With patience, persistence and plenty of playtime being a parent becomes a whole lot more fun. With a little preparation and using these tips to help get them settled you are all ready to embrace the journey of a lifetime. Enjoy every moment!

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