Types of sexual relationships: find the one that best suits you

Until recently monogamy was the most known and valid type of sex-affective relationship. But thanks to the fact that society has evolved a lot in the last decades we can see how nowadays there are different types of sex-affective relationships. If you are not clear about which group you are in, this article will be for you.

With the help of sex affectionate relationships experts and the best escorts in Madrid we are going to show you the different types of sex affectionate relationships. So it will be much easier for you to know which one suits you best.

Monogamous relationships

As the escorts from this luxury agency in Madrid tell us, monogamous relationships are still the most common, but that does not mean that they are the most effective. As the escorts tell us, within monogamous relationships there are many infidelities, which shows that they are not always the best option. Besides, within monogamous relationships we can see different types.

1- Traditional monogamy

It is the most known and in many occasions it is considered as the best option. It is a type of relationship in which there can only be looks at the couple and no one else.

At a social level it is a type of relationship very well seen, but we can really see how at a practical level it is impossible to practice. No matter how much in love a person is, he/she will always try to look at other people.

2- Realistic monogamy

It is a type of relationship that is more realistic because although fidelity is the basic pillar, in this case it is allowed to look at third parties.

Depending on whether the couple is open or not, the members can talk about it or not. But as we have said, fidelity is the basic pillar of the relationship.

3- Serial monogamy

It is like traditional monogamy, but with the difference that in this case monogamy is practiced with different partners over a period of time.

In this case, the person has a monogamous relationship, ends it and begins another monogamous relationship with another. All monogamous relationships are based on fidelity and occur consecutively.

4- Infidelity

It is the act in which one of the parties of the monogamous couple breaks the fidelity. This breach of fidelity can occur for different reasons. It can be caused by having sexual relations with third parties, desires or just having romantic intentions with another person outside the relationship.

When infidelity is discovered, the problems within the couple are usually important, being in some cases the trigger for the breakup.


Thanks to the fact that the mentality of many people is evolving against the traditional we can see how polyamory is gaining much prominence. The philosophy of polyamory is to show that a person can give love to several people at the same time, that is, it is not necessary to be alone with one person. Within polyamory we can see different types.

1- Hierarchical polyamory

A person can love several people at the same time, although one is the center and therefore the most important. In a way it can be defined as one main relationship and many secondary ones.

2- Non-hierarchical polyamory

The difference in this case is that non-hierarchical polyamory does not give more value to one relationship than another. They all have the same value. It is not easy to put this modality into practice, but some people try it. We say it is not easy because one person is always loved more than the other.

3- Triangle

It is like when a person is with two different people, but those two people have no relationship with each other. It is as if someone is dating two people at the same time, but those two people are not a couple and do not know each other. It is a situation where one person shares time and affection with two people without those two people being romantically involved with each other.

4- Relational anarchy

It is a type of relationship that allows one to offer love to a large number of people at the same time. All relationships are important to the person who enjoys them, but it is important to emphasize that none is of superior value to the others.

Open relationships

It is a type of relationship different from the monogamous one and thanks to the change of mentality of many people it is usually an option that many couples bet on. Within open relationships we can find different groups.

1- Pure open relationship

It is the best known within the field of open relationships. It is when both parties can have sporadic relationships with other people outside the couple.

In exchange for this sexual freedom, the most important person should always be the partner, i.e. sexual acts should be secondary. It is a type of relationship that is not always easy to put into practice. At the very moment in which jealousy arises, this type of relationship is no longer viable.

2- Open relationship with closed eyes

The difference compared to the pure open relationship is that in this case sexual freedom is offered, but it is not allowed to talk about it within the couple. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.

Both parties know that the other person can have relations outside the couple, but do not know if they really happen or with whom if they happen. This type of open relationship is intended to make jealousy less likely.

3- Religious polygamy

Occurs when a man or woman can have more than one partner. That is, a man can have several women or a woman can have several men. It is usually common for a man to have several women in Western society.

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