A Beginner’s Guide to the Types of Weighing Scales

Every day, the world of technology is improving for the better, making our daily lives easier. Can you imagine life 50 years ago without the development of new technology today? Look around your house and count the amount of technology you have in your home. Don’t worry if it’s more than ten; we live in the modern world after all.

Just like how a rice cooker, a kettle, a cell phone, a television, or a coffee maker made your life easier – a weighing scale can do the same. If you’re starting a business, adding this magnificent item to your shopping list will prove to be advantageous. Below are several weighing scales from different fields; look for a scale of your choice that involves your area.

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Baby Scales and Baby Measuring Mats

Baby Scales with Slimline Design

The Baby Scales with a Slimline Design is perfect for traveling medical practitioners or midwives who are constantly on the go. This product is easy to transport since it’s portable and lightweight. Additionally, for extra comfort, it has an optional carry bag that you can use.

Also, this scale has a smooth and sleek design that contributes to the baby’s comfort. The weighing scale has an LCD that’s easy to read. It has a battery capacity of 180 hours of continuous usage.

Baby Measuring Rod

The baby measuring rod is an easy-to-use rod to measure a baby’s length when they’re on their backs. You can use this measuring rod at home or in a professional setting. You may attach it to a baby scale, either WMMS3500 or WMMS5900.

WM101 Neonatal Baby Scale

The WM101 model is ideal for Neonatal Care facilities in hospitals. It has a high wall for protection, automatic hold weighing function, no tilt design, and ABS plastic construction.

If you’re looking for a weighing scale that’s undoubtedly not harmful to patients, visit Wedderburn for commercial weighing scales for your operation. The company offers a wide variety of weighing scales, giving you more options to choose from.

Balance Scales

Precisa Series 360EP Digital Balance

The Precisa Series 360EP Digital Balance has accurate readability with an internal calibration system that’s fully automatic. It has an internal clock, check weighing, LCD backlit, and many more! Additionally, there are options for communications, e.g., wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB host.

Analytical Tuning Fork Balance

The Analytical Tuning Fork Balance has a readability of 0.1mg, and it has a capacity of 220g. It offers reliable and precise weighing needs with an additional tuning fork advantage. It consumes less energy, and it has a durable design. It has all the requirements for the standard of weighing in a modern laboratory.

Labeling Scales & Wrappers

Prepack Scale and Wrapping Station

The Prepack Scale and Wrapping Station is a weighing scale NMI approved in Australia for trade use. There’s no doubt that this weighing scale will deliver incredible pricing, weighing, and wrapping. Additionally, it’s RF capable, so you don’t have to stress over cables all over the place.

Not only is this scale straightforward to use, it even has high-resolution printing and a durable, water-resistant stainless steel. With this product, you won’t have to worry about wrapping a semi-wet product with this scale.

Compact Semi-Auto Weigh Wrap Price Labeller

This product may be perfect for your weighing needs if you have limited floor space as it has a small footprint. It has a speed capacity of 30 packs/minute. Adding this to your store will save you time and, eventually, money.

Wheelchair Scales & Chair Scales

Wheelchair Scale – Portable

These scales are suitable for elderly patients or those who are physically disabled. It has a BMI function, plus it’s easy to read, making it easy for a practitioner to determine the patient’s BMI or weight efficiently.

WM403 Patient Chair Scale

Some patients might not be able to carry themselves stably. Still, with this WM403 Patient Chair Scale, just by sitting and relaxing on the scale, you can use the product for your weighing needs. This chair scale has many features: you may measure the patient’s body mass index by inputting their height and converting it to kg or lb.

Scale Indicators

Industrial Digital Indicator

The Industrial Digital Indicator is another weighing scale that’s been NMI-approved in Australia for trade purposes. This product is easy to use and read. You may even convert kg to lb and many more!

Scale Indicator

Don’t you hate it when you have to use a scale indicator, but you’re in a dark environment? Well, with the TSDI170, using the scale in the dark poses no problem at all! It has a water-resistant exterior and a flicker-free display that’s incredibly clear to make things easier for you.

If you already have Wedderburn products, this product is compatible with every weighing platform the company has. Additionally, you have Windows-based software that makes it easy to connect to a PC.


Now that you’ve read the different kinds of weighing scales, pinpointing the weighing scale for your business is now easier, right? Don’t forget to do your research before committing to buying a product to ensure that you won’t be disappointed with getting the wrong product for your business.