UFO cluster in Kent has locals wondering but MOD says not them

A UFO cluster in Kent, England, on Sunday had locals wondering what on Earth they were, while the MOD (Ministry of Defense) said it was nothing to do with them as they had no aircraft or any other kind of related activity in the area when the unidentified flying objects were witnessed.

The term ‘UFO cluster’ refers to several mysterious objects that appear flying in the sky together and nobody can explain what they are.

In this case, the bizarre objects were seen in the sky by a number of people, some of whom took pictures or captured the episode on video. They were seen in different places over a period of thirty minutes.

UFO cluster seen in sky in Kent on SundaySeveral people saw this UFO cluster, consisting of six bright lights flying around in formation in the skies of southern Kent.

Strange objects flying in formation

Jack Harvey, who lives in Kent, filmed the strange luminous objects flying in the sky (video at bottom of page), apparently in formation, with the following comment “These fire box things just dropped out of the sky over Folkstone – anyone idea?”

The UFO cluster was also witnessed by a number of people in Hythe, twelve miles from where Mr. Harvey filmed them.

As the pictures and video footages made their way through social network websites, both in the UK and around the world, several readers suggested they might be flares set off by the military, who have ranges at Lydd and Hythe.

However, according to the MOD, there was no military activity in any of the areas where the UFO witnesses had been on Sunday.

UFO cluster sightings in Folkestone and HytheThe UFO cluster was seen by people in Folkestone and Hythe, southeast England.

Kent is a UFO hotspot

In an interview with Kent Online, a spokesperson for the Kent Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group said regarding UFO sightings in Kent:

“The coastlines around East Kent and South Kent are major UFO areas. The towns in these areas have large amounts of UFO sightings on a continual basis.”

“People are observing UFOs over the Thames Estuary and the English Channel all the time. UFO sightings in these areas have increased dramatically in the past few years.”

Does this mean that East and South Kent are of particular interest to intelligent extraterrestrials, or that the people in those areas are the most imaginative in the country?

Most sightings are explainable

In an interview with Kent and Sussex Courier last year, contributing editor of Tonbridge-based magazine Astronomy Now, said he believed that most UFO sightings could be explained by the wonders of the Solar System.

Mr. Cooper said:

“There are lots of astronomical events which can easily be mistaken for something unexplained if you’re not familiar with the night’s sky. The planet Venus is the most common one because it’s so very bright in the sky and if you’re in a car for instance it can give the impression that it’s moving.”

“Another bright light is the International Space Station. Again it’s very noticeable and if you don’t know about it you could easily be thinking ‘what on earth is that?’”

When asked why Tonbridge had so many UFO sighting, he responded “Tonbridge is also under the flight path for Gatwick of course.”

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UFO cluster filmed by Jake Harvey