UFO left our atmosphere and entered another spaceship claim

A UFO left our atmosphere, exited one spacecraft and entered another mysterious craft that was nearby, claims a seeker of unidentified flying objects who posted a YouTube footage online. The video, supposedly from NASA’s live International Space Station (ISS) feed, is final proof that extraterrestrials are here and watching us, alien enthusiasts insist.

The YouTube video, which was uploaded by SecureTeam10, a group that claims to verify whether sightings or encounters are authentic, has gone viral with over three hundred thousand views.

The video narrator, called Tyler, starts off by thanking two people who sent in the parts of the footage. He says that the video shows something flying up and leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. The first email said it looked like some type of rocket, or a UFO that appeared to be burning up.

A UFO jumping from craft to craftTyler says the yellow blob is a UFO which is starting to separate from the main spacecraft. See the image below, where he believes it is attaching to another nearby craft. (Image: From YouTube)

UFO goes from one craft to another

Tyler says he notices that there is a very strange line – ‘kind of like what you would see from the exhaust of a rocket’ – however, it is not just one long line. He then describes an object that appears to disconnect from a larger object. It then disappears and appears again next to another object in the sky.

The moving object then seems to connect with this second spacecraft-like UFO – and then everything disappears, all the lights and flashes are gone.

Tyler is convinced the footage is not of the Sun reflecting off the clouds. When the Sun reflects off the Earth, he explains, it is ‘massive’ and reflects off the ocean and not clouds. Some people will definitely dispute this: what about lakes and rivers?

Most viewers unimpressed

Despite Tyler’s very persuasive account of what we are supposed to be watching, the majority of viewers were not convinced, even some who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

Has UFO moved to new craftAccording to Tyler, the UFO (small white blob) has moved toward another craft (larger blob next to it) and is attaching itself to it. (Image: From YouTube)

Ronskutin wrote: “I am believer, I have seen UFOs and maybe abducted too, but I don’t believe all videos as real right away, this video is not UFOs.”

If anybody has an imagination greater than Tyler’s, perhaps it is Craig Gilchrist3, who wrote:

“Here’s my theory, see if you agree? I think that the craft that exited the atmosphere was a man-made launch vehicle, maybe carrying human passengers. The second craft could have been alien, and it was a pre-planned meeting. A case of if you can get yourselves up to a certain altitude we will come pick you up. With all the theories on us already having communications with alien species, my hypothesis seems to back this up.”

Ann Wade probably provides the most scientifically viable comment:

“The fact that the light moves at exactly the same speed that the ISS is moving above the earth’s surface proves it is just the sun’s reflection. The reason it is a small reflection (not large like it reflects off the ocean) is because it’s reflecting off a small body of water such as a lake and/or river. The reason you can’t see any stars is because the camera is taking in so much light from the Earth, it can’t pick up the pin pricks of star light near it.”

Pareidolia, a hoax or the real thing?

Do you think Tyler was just horsing around, was it really a UFO moving from one alien craft to another, or is this another case of pareidolia?

Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in an ambiguous or random pattern. In other words, something has a shape that reminds you of something, even though it is not that thing, but you think it is the real thing.

Most children like looking up at the clouds and identifying shapes that remind them of maybe a bunny rabbit, a witch with a long chin, or a bird. That is a type of pareidolia – but the child knows it is not a real witch or bunny rabbit.

Example of pareidoliaThe boy on the left is fascinated by the cloud because it reminds him of something or somebody. However, he knows it is just a cloud. The boy on the right is scared, he suffers from pareidolia. Do you think Tyler was like the boy on the right or left when he was a child?

If you suffer from pareidolia you believe it is the real thing. We sometimes read reports of people saying they saw the face of Jesus Christ on a piece of toast, convinced it was a divine message – psychologists say they are cases of pareidolia.

According to the dictionary Merriam-Webster, pareidolia is:

“The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The human brain is optimized to recognize faces, which could also explain why we are so good at picking out meaningful shapes in random patterns.”

Since the turn of the century, we have become more and more interested in UFOs and alien encounters – the number of reports, especially over the past couple of years, has increased dramatically.

UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts are convinced that this increase is because governments are no longer able to keep all the information secret – the truth is finally coming out.

The majority of psychologists will tell you that the rise in reported sightings coincides with an increase in the number of science-fictions films and TV series to hit our screens.

More people today are equipped to take photos or video footage of things we see in the sky, compared to 20 years ago. Most of us have a mobile telephone with a camera – this was not the case two decades ago.

Video – Does a UFO move from one craft to another?

Watch this video and see whether you agree with Tyler’s interpretation of what happened.