UFOs seen in South African and Spanish skies one looks like an angel

What a week, UFOs have been seen everywhere this week, including the skies of South Africa and Spain. The one filmed in Alicante, Spain, had an angel-like appearance. As more people have smartphones and their picture-taking qualities improve, the number of UFO postings online has increased dramatically over the past two years.

South Africa is no stranger to UFOs (unidentified flying objects) – it is among the top countries globally with reports of sightings and alleged alien encounters.

Teenager Mechille Mudaly filmed what is clearly a bright light moving across the Chatsworth sky. East Coast Radio, a South African station, first reported on this UFO online.

UFO in South AfricaThis image comes from the YouTube video (bottom of page). The glowing mysterious object floats slowly across the sky in this unusually well-filmed footage.

When you first look at it, it seems like a very high street light – that is, until you notice that it is moving and gradually getting brighter.

Scott C. Waring, who runs the UFO sightings blog ufosightingsdaily.com, made the following comment:

“I love how this video catches the movement of the UFO. It is not often you get to see one move around without the camera bouncing up and down. This object moves smoothly across the sky and seems to be illuminated by moonlight.”

However, Mr. Waring makes one glaring mistake – his article is titled ‘UFO Caught Over Chatsworkth, UK on May 2016, Video.’ It was in South Africa, Scott, not the UK.

YouTube viewers’ opinions on the enigmatic object range from a satellite, the Moon, the International Space Station, to an extraterrestrial craft about to take over human civilisation.

It is definitely not the Moon, because it is moving too fast. For the same reason, I doubt it could be a satellite or the International Space Station, unless the footage is faster than the real thing – it is also glowing too brightly. However, its brightness could be a photographic glitch.

Angel like UFO seen in SpainThis angel-like UFO, filmed above a block of flats in Alicante, Spain, has UFO enthusiasts across the world buzzing with excitement. (Image: buscandoladolaverdad.blogspot.co.uk)

‘Angel’ UFO filmed in Spain

A UFO shaped like an angel was spotted in the sky over Alicante, a port city and tourist resort on the Costa Blanca, in the south-east of the country.

The mysterious, bright object was captured hovering high up in the air above an apartment block. A passer-by saw it, became intrigued by its brightness, position and shape, pulled out his smartphone and filmed it.

In the footage, the UFO strongly reflects sunlight, making it hard to determine what it could be. Several viewers commented that it has an angel shape.

During the footage you can see that it changes shape, from an angel to a sphere as the camera zooms out.

Why are there more UFO sightings today?

UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts say the increased number of sightings globally is clear proof that aliens exist and that the authorities are today unable to keep the whole thing secret, i.e. they insist that ‘the truth has come out’.

Psychologists, on the other hand, disagree with this explanation and say it is more likely due to a parallel increase in the number of science-fiction series and movies that have appeared in our cinemas, televisions, laptops and mobile devices recently.

What do you think – the truth is finally coming out, or people are becoming more UFO-obsessed because of all the sci-fi we are watching?

Two Videos

Video 1 – UFO in South African Skies

This footage was filmed by teenager Mechille Mudaly.

Video 2 – UFO in Spain

‘OVNI’ is Spanish for UFO. OVNI stands for objeto volátil no identificado.