Bon Voyage – 5 Tech Upgrades That Will Make Your RV A Fortress On Wheels

Your RV upgrades image 44444Whether you are setting out for vacation or minimizing your lifestyle, you will learn quickly that creature comforts can help turn a recreational vehicle into a home with wheels. While space is limited, investing in some simple tech upgrades can elevate your lifestyle on the road and give you all the comforts of home. Here are five upgrades that will help you feel the most comfortable on the road:

Smart Lock

Security is one of the main parts of your RV that deserves an upgrade from the standard equipment. Upgrading to a smart lock can add an extra layer of security to your home. Many of these locks are Bluetooth compatible and can be accessed through your phone, tablet or other electronic devices. Some even offer the security of an embedded camera in the lock itself that is motion activated.

Wi-Fi Extender

If you are an active travel blogger or someone who can work remotely from a computer, getting your own Wi-Fi installed on your RV can be a lifesaver. Many RV dealerships can install these for a nominal fee. If you are comfortable installing your own, that will save you a small fee. Regardless of which route you choose, make sure to pick a provider that affords you a secure internet connection that no one can access without knowing the security protocols.

Backup Batteries

If you are heading out on a long trip without clear campgrounds around, you may want to invest in additional batteries for your RV. These can come in handy if you are needing to supplement your electrical output when you need to stay out on the road longer. Plus, if you ever hook up at a camping site where their electricity is down, your backup batteries will be waiting for you. Increasing your battery capacity will help keep you up and running.

Solar Panels

If you are really interested in conserving energy output while on your travels, consider investing in solar panels. You can make your RV more self-sustainable by installing solar panels that generate passive electricity for you. If you don’t have space for several extra batteries, it may be worth the initial investment for you to upgrade to solar panels.

These panels help recharge your RV batteries while you are boondocking and create a clean source of energy, which helps diminish your environmental impact. This upgrade can be done in about two hours but can cost you upwards of $500.

Hard-Wired Surge Protector

If you are like many people who rely on electronics during your vacation to keep you connected and entertained, or if you like to use high-voltage items like hairdryers and irons at once, you may consider investing in hard-wired surge protectors for your RV. Most RVs come with standard outlets that are not protected by a surge protector.

These handy items are available are available at most online car parts stores and can be installed at each individual outlet or at the point of entry on your RV where the electricity comes into your vehicle. The second option protects your entire RV, rather than individual outlets, but is a pricier option.

Choose any or all of the above options to help maximize your comfort on the road through advanced security measures, protecting your utilities, and giving you more freedom while you are out on the road for an extended period of time. As always, you will get more bang for your buck on the more expensive additions but always shop within your price range.


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