Why Should You Use Vanity Numbers To Become Irresistible To Customers?

The increased competition in the business world has prompted companies to rethink their branding and marketing strategies. To stay relevant as a commercial enterprise, you need to use strategies that work. Did you know that vanity numbers are great for business?

Vanity Numbers imagee 321444A vanity phone number is a useful branding and marketing tool that aims to attract more clients. The sequence and structure of the number is simplified to make it more memorable, i.e., customers and prospects are less likely to forget it. A prospect is a consumer who might turn into a customer.

Vanity numbers are easy to spot. We see them on billboards and printed on the side of vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. We also hear and see them on radio and TV adverts.

Below are some top benefits of using a vanity phone number if you have a business.

Enable Memorable Call Tracking

Businesses that want to improve their customer contact experience need to switch to something more convenient for the clients. Acquiring a vanity phone number is an effective solution for most companies that want to remain interactive and competitive.

The wonderful features of vanity numbers are people’s ability to recall and dial them. Using channels like podcasts, television, and radio advertisements alongside the vanity number is a good way to monitor and track your incoming calls.

Tracking advertisement efforts

It is hard to determine whether a marketing strategy is ideal for your business unless you get specific performance metrics. Every marketing campaign is considered unique since it produces different outcomes.

As a business owner, you need to be continuously aware of customer comments and feedback if you want to remain competitive. The more clients and prospects call your company, the more feedback and comments you will receive.

When trying to determine how effective your marketing strategies are, you should consider the following:

  • Are your advertisements penetrating the market enough to reach out to more potential clients?
  • How long does a regular call take before closing a deal?
  • When are your sales and calls at their peak?

Since vanity numbers have data tracking and call recording features, it is easy to make a follow-up call and encourage more customers and prospects to make a purchase.

Facilitate Brand Recognition

Using a vanity number also helps your business receive more brand recognition. Most businesses nowadays are in competitive industries and are doing everything they can to standout. Acquiring a vanity number is an effective way of achieving brand recognition.

Having a vanity number showcases your business personality, creativity, and level of professionalism. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, if your rivals have toll-free vanity numbers and you don’t, they are probably getting noticed more than you are. They are likely to be receiving more calls too.

Choosing the Ideal Vanity Number for Your Business Brand

Take your time before choosing the right vanity number since it would be a strategic move for the long haul. It is also wise to do thorough research and tests to help you find an ideal number that will stand out in the market. There are two forms of vanity numbers in the market today – alphanumeric and repeaters.


If something is alphanumberic, it consists of both letters and numbers. These types of vanity numbers are also referred to as spellers. They incorporate numbers, phrase, words, or brand names. They are easy to grasp and spell out due to their structure.

The letters, if they resemble your brand name or what your company does, make it easier for people to remember them when they want to call you.

For example, if you have a delivery company, which of these two numbers are easier to remember?

  • 1-800-354-9973
  • 1-800-DELIVERY

Clearly the second.


Repeaters are vanity phone numbers that repeat certain digits. If your business number is 1-800-444-8888, people are much more likely to remember it than, for example, 1-800-293-7526.