Want to Earn Free Crypto? Here’s How to Get Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency could be earned on various websites online. For this, the sites have small tasks that traders or users need to complete and get Bitcoins for free or other crypto in return.

The tasks could be anything from watching videos, filling out surveys, playing games, etc. It is a great opportunity to earn free bitcoins or cryptos; however, they are in small portions.

We have explained the top possible ways to earn free bitcoins and how traders can make most of the opportunities. So, let’s explore how to get free Bitcoin?

Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been traded around the world for thousands of dollars, but there are ways that can help traders make them earn free bitcoin in the account. Below mentioned are the best five methods that could be applied to earn free bitcoins:

1.   Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games are the best way to earn bitcoin in an overall manner. The Lucky Block has offered the users an alternative to earn bitcoin with its best crypto lottery platforms.

It has built a crypto game revolving around a drawing process; it works like a lottery as a lottery game. The trader is required to select a number online, and in the random draw, if the number is selected, then the trader earns a jackpot.

To buy the number, traders can either pay $5 or go for the Lucky block allocation of LBlock tokens, and it requires connecting the wallet to the Lucky Block app daily.

In this manner, traders can go for free Bitcoin or other crypto earnings.

2.   Online Shopping

Online shopping could be used by the traders to earn bitcoin. They have to first search a website that offers such a facility and then go shopping on that to earn bitcoin or other cryptos.

For example, Lolli is one such website that offers such services. Traders have to buy products at the shopping site worth $500 or more so they can receive rewards in the form of bitcoin.

The website includes some of the best market merchants that have collaborated with it to provide bitcoins for free. Some of the partner lists include:

  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Marriott
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy

Traders can download the Lolli browser extension or any other which is available. Next, they visit the merchant’s online store and shop to earn free bitcoins. It is an easy process and beneficial for the traders.

3.   CashBack

Cashback is an excellent method that traders can use to earn free bitcoins. They have to simply purchase online. It could be a loan, online shopping, or any other purchase at a store that offers cash back.

For example, BlockFi provides crypto ecosystem services that cover everything from loans and crypto saving accounts to exchange services. Traders can have a good wallet and a crypto credit card issued by the bank.

This card could be used for purchases online and in-store but to withdraw money through ATMs. In all this process, traders can earn free bitcoin for using the services of the crypto exchange.

They can earn a cash back of 1.5% that is in the form of bitcoin and can use it further in whichever way they want for trade or other payments.

A trader pays his online purchase bill through the credit card provided and gets 1.5% cash back in bitcoin form, so that’s how free bitcoin is earned.

4.   Sign-Up Bonuses

There are many websites or exchanges that offer a sign up bonus which could be from 10% to 20% or more, depending on their market reputation. When a trader opens an account with an exchange that has such an offer, they get a bonus which is in bitcoin form.

Even traders can get bitcoin as a reward for making good investments and earning high profits. A new trading account opener has to sign up and buy cryptocurrency to get the bonus.

After which, they can spin the wheel or any other method available to them to earn the free bitcoin.

5.   Bitcoin Mining Pool

Bitcoin mining pool is a passive way to earn free bitcoin using the cloud mining pools. It is believed that the miners ensure the bitcoin is kept decentralised. In the market, every ten minutes, a block is mined, and this distributes 6.25 BTC to successful miners.

To earn free bitcoin, traders have to be good miners to get it. Solo mining is expensive and requires capital, but with cloud mining or cloud websites, the case is different.

Traders on bittrader can invest small amounts to buy the share of a mining rig. Through this method, they can earn free bitcoin passively, and they will be entitled to the mining rewards that the pool generates in the process.


Earning bitcoins for free has various methods, and traders can try the one they find feasible. In the article, five best known techniques are described, but other than these, traders can go for learning rewards, interest accounts, bitcoin casino promotions, etc.

Airdrops are the latest technique that is introduced in the market. But traders have to ensure their safety and use the best possible method to earn free bitcoin.

The ways are simple and do not require much effort from the traders, but traders can check their level of trading and accordingly go for the one that will certainly give them free bitcoin.

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