What are the biggest products to sell out in 2022?

First of all, to succeed in eCommerce, you need to get 3 things on point before you have even started, this is the skills to market any product that takes interest to you, have high-demand quality products to sell and that insatiable desire to win. It is important to note, that USA based products are known for being some of the best according to Google figures. We are going to presume that you are already in the mindset that you are going to smash whatever challenge is put in front of you, but maybe the one thing that you seem to be missing is that incredible trending product to sell, if you are just starting and want to start up your own eCommerce business, then we hope you continue to read on.

Well, this is where we have searched the internet looking for a handful of products that are already doing well, or we can see having very good margins this year. Some you may see and think, why is that a trending product, don’t worry, we will explain the figures that we have found through Google on why the analytics are showing that these are going to be good business ideas to invest into.

  1. Projectors

This may seem a little confusing and throughout this article, you may be thinking that some of these products don’t make sense but sometimes going after the best market is better than going for the most popular. Being popular doesn’t mean that it is doing well, it just means a lot of people are doing it at the same time.

So, projectors came up with global growth of 294% according to Google search analytics. They became increasingly popular as people wished to bring the cinema experience into their homes instead of having to venture out. The term ‘projector’ is currently getting around 550,000 searches per month through Google alone.

This would be a great opportunity for small business owners that may be unsure of what they want to sell but wish to keep their options open, as projectors can vary, there are mini projectors that brought in around 135,000 searches per month in 2021 and then you can also wider the market by searching for ‘projectors for my home’ which brought in a few thousands more searches per month.

But how do we market this? The best way is to target ads around the features that the product has, like 4K, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use and maybe the size that the image can go up to.

How do I set up a store around this? Easily, a smart and clean eCommerce store that shows the product in different places will show the variability of it and make it more appealing to customers.

  1. Shoes

One of the best performing products in 2021, that is doing increasing well through eCommerce platforms. One of the appealing qualities of this is that they can be sold all year round and are heavily influenced by social media interactions as the younger generations are finding them as more of an investment. With global growth of 1,087% and global market size of $365.5 billion, this market does not seem to be slowing up anytime soon.

Focusing on your target market is key for this product, with most people interested in shoes being male (searches accumulated to over 1.2 million per month in 2021). Now, with this market, you need to be crystal clear on what you’d like to be selling, if it is to go down investing into USA based markets like Jordans, top quality shoes and fashionable trends then make sure you stay true to that cause. The reasoning for this is that there are a lot of marketers and sellers in this area, but some have moved into specialised areas like helping customers with issues like flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

You can sell these products on many online eCommerce stores. Having these online business models come with their benefits like being able to sort inventory online, print shipping labels and have the ability to run most of the business through the platform alone and not need any extra costs accumulating in the background.

  1. Toys

The biggest market currently in the USA and Canada and perfect for people who are looking to start their own online business and are unsure of where to start. With global growth of 1,239% in the past year and valued at over $110 billion, it exploded mainly onto the scene in the first quarter of 2021. With the introduction of children evaluating toys on the internet it has meant that there is now a lot of ‘hype’ around a variety of toys and with people having access to the internet, YouTube and other platforms, the growth of children, adults and parents buying toys online has grown massively instead of them needing to go to the store anymore.

By building an effective and immersive store you can even become a midway seller for a lot of these trending toys by going directly to the manufacturer and asking if you can promote their products and with each sale, you take a small percentage. This is the most popular way for people to begin when they are looking into the world of eCommerce and means there is less risk and possibly a lot of rewards.

In this market, testimonials are vital because they will settle any parent who may be looking for the next lovely toy for their precious child, but they want to make sure that whatever they are looking into is going to be the best one they can find, stating they are safe also is a key element to ensure this is added in the product description.

Social media also works very well for these products, showing them in action, the key features and what makes them the next best toy that a child or young adult needs. The store needs to be bright, colourful and capturing. Re-use content of customers using the products, so it shows that people are buying them, and loving them too.

Run contests, give away products and get an email list ready so that when each new toy hits your eCommerce store then you can drip feed it to your customers to hopefully get them to continue ordering through you and your website.

These were only three of many products that through our research we can see doing very well in 2022, all with a little different way of building an eCommerce store, a slight change in the way you market it and a variety of audiences that you could influence.

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