What is a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet helps make transactions related to the purchase, sale, and exchange of tokens. It stores large numbers that consist of secret private keys. A crypto wallet is a repository of keys and large secret values. It has addresses that it checks against the blockchain and looks for transactions. If it finds transactions involving its addresses, it displays them in a special section. If the amount of transactions is positive, the balance is visible.

On the one hand, a digital wallet is a repository of private keys, that is, big numbers that are known only to the customer. On the other hand, it is the interface between the user and the blockchain. That is a certain shell that displays the blockchain data and provides it in a convenient form. 

Choosing a crypto wallet

Digital wallets are divided into different types, depending on the number of currencies, type of management, how keys are stored, type of connection, etc. Depending on the type of control distinguish:

  • Decentralized;
  • Centralized.

Decentralized wallets are only partially managed by some individuals, while centralized ones are controlled by legal entities. Centralized determines and manages commissions and other details. 

If it is important for you to work with several currencies, choose a multi-currency wallet right away.  If you are not that active, or if you interact with only one currency, open a single-currency account. The ability to choose the number of currencies appeared not so long ago, due to the development of the crypto industry and the increase in demand.

For the convenience of users, different versions have been designed so that everyone can use the services from any device. Mobile cryptocurrencies can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. This allows you to make transactions with tokens anytime and anywhere.


Referring to the above features, everyone should choose the type of wallet for themselves. Open your own cryptocurrency wallet and make transactions with tokens quickly, safely, and conveniently. Management is performed with simple settings, which can be easily mastered, thanks to theoretical information on the site and practical attempts. Additionally, remember the seed phrase, which can be useful if you lose your private key. It is usually generated during crypto wallet setup. In a critical situation, a set of recorded codewords will help you regain access to your accumulated or saved digital assets.

Before you start a cryptocurrency transaction with a platform like https://paywallet.pro/, make sure that you are transferring to an accessible country. There is a list of states where you should adhere to anti-cryptocurrency laws and this factor is worth considering. We recommend reading the terms and conditions of the crypto wallet because it will help to better understand the principle of the service and prevent unpleasant moments.

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