What is a sales invoice and what to include

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Are you wondering about the definition of sales invoice? It’s a document that accounts for companies’ business transactions and records the details about the products and/or services provided to clients. Usually, these documents itemize the products sold/services rendered, the total amount due, and your payment requirements. Your sales invoices should be professionally and errorlessly designed in order to receive timely compensation.

Saldoinvoice is where you’ll discover hundreds of niche-specific invoice template ideas. Billing with adjustable templates only takes a few taps. So, just browse through our vast gallery of sales invoice templates, customize the most appropriate file to your liking, and enjoy invoicing your customers in less than five minutes. The use of sales invoice generator can save you loads of your time and bolsters your company’s potential.

We’ve delved deeper into the topic of the main components of a sales invoice. Find a detailed list below:

  • your and your customer’s company name, logo, contact info;
  • unique ID to distinguish one transaction from another;
  • transaction info: itemization of products/services provided, along with the pricing and discount info;
  • total amount payable: the total price your customer must pay, including taxes;
  • your payment conditions: your clients need to clearly understand when they must send payment your way and the payment solutions you work with.

What is the purpose of a sales invoice?

Some clients refuse to pay for what they’ve ordered without reviewing what they’ve agreed to pay for. That’s where professional invoicing kicks in. The purpose of a sales invoice is to itemize the services or products provided to a client — while documenting a sales order along the way. With that said, invoices legally oblige customers to pay for what they order from businesses.

Here are some more reasons why sales invoices are important:

  • sales invoice in accounting: proper invoicing keeps your books and tax files in perfect order;
  • legal protection: professional invoices serve as legal proof of your business transactions’ legitimacy;
  • proper inventory management: invoicing software adds up to your inventory management automation;
  • top-notch business analytics: once you analyze your invoices, you can arrive at important conclusions about your best-selling products, your customers’ buying patterns, and similar vital data.

How to make a sales invoice?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with sales invoice requirements and major elements, you’re free to utilize Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps to bill your clients in a fast and easy way. When making sales invoices, take these vital hacks into consideration:

  • invoice immediately: the sooner you do it, the faster you’ll get paid;
  • ensure your invoices have a uniform design: this enhances your reputation and professionalism in the eyes of your clients;
  • avoid spelling and punctuation mistakes and prioritize politeness;
  • incorporate branding: use your logo, company name, as well as colors and fonts to increase your brand awareness;
  • don’t be shy to follow up: you deserve to get paid on time for the products/services you’ve provided, so follow up religiously in case your invoice messages are left unanswered.

Every message your customers receive from you forms their impression about your business. Want to present your company in the best light possible? Then focus on sending clear, professional invoices. With our platform at your savvy fingertips, you’ll solve your company’s administrative tasks in the fastest and most effective way. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on growing your business.

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