What Is A Thermal Food Container?

A thermal food container is a handy device that keeps food fresh. It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is leach proof and hygienic. The wide opening on the Thermo jar makes filling and cleaning the container a breeze. The container’s double-walled insulation keeps food and beverages cool and fresh, and the stainless steel construction makes it safe for both food and drinks.

Double-wall insulation keeps food hot or cold for up to 8 hours. This is ideal for young children and toddlers. The insulated container’s stainless steel construction also means that the food won’t go bad. Most of these containers also have a large opening that makes them easy to open, which is convenient for younger children. Some have even been praised for keeping food warm for more than 12 hours. These containers make mealtime a breeze, and they’re attractive too!

Insulated Containers For Food Transportation

In addition to its many uses in the food industry, insulated containers Olivo for food transportation are also useful in pharmaceutical and medical supply transport. The eutectic plates that are used in the barrel create a micro-climate, allowing the temperature to remain constant for up to 24 hours. These characteristics make them ideal for last mile logistics. Moreover, they are compact and easy to transport. In addition, they use passive heat sources to keep food at the right temperature.

The insulated containers Olivo range uses eutectic plates to release a constant cooling capacity due to latent melting heat. The patented Siber System is used for major logistical operations, and is currently in use in more than ten countries. Dry Ice is produced at the operator’s warehouse from liquid C02 stored in a bulk tank. The Dry Ice is then injected directly into the tank that is part of the insulated roll container.

In addition to their excellent insulation properties, insulated containers Olivo are also available with a pallet base. These containers are perfect for transportation of frozen or fresh goods. Their versatility means that they can be used as pallet bases for last-mile logistics. By eliminating the need to store and ship multiple containers, insulated boxes Olivo can help preserve food in optimum conditions for consumption. And thanks to their unique features, they are highly sought-after for their high aesthetic value.

In addition to providing the perfect transport solution for cold and frozen products, insulated containers Olivo are also useful for the healthcare and catering industries. The roll type of insulated food containers are widely used in delivering foodstuffs to supermarkets and other points of sales. These containers can carry dry, chilled, and frozen items, and the cold chain will remain intact. Moreover, MAX is the latest thermocontainer designed by Olivo and FEURER.

With a variety of sizes, these insulated ROLL containers offer a reliable solution for controlled temperature transport. They are designed to be easy to handle and offer maximum temperature control throughout the logistics chain. Apart from being easy to handle, insulated ROLL containers can be purchased in several sizes ranging from 35 litres to 2000 litres. The company’s containers are also adapted to handle by forklift trucks.

Cold Logistics

OLIVO Cold Logistics manufactures isothermal containers for vaccine transport. The company’s low-temperature transport expertise has made it possible to keep vaccines at minus 80 degrees for up to 12 days. In addition, it offers point-of-use isothermal containers, which can maintain the correct temperature for vaccine storage. OLIVO Cold Logistics exports its insulated containers worldwide. You can find more information about this company at olivo-logistics.com.

OLIVO’s exports make up 60% of the company’s turnover, and the firm has a sales office in Singapore. Two business investment funds, AXIO Capital and Champion Capital, are helping implement the MBO. The new management plans to maintain the company’s culture while accelerating growth. For instance, it is investing in a new 5,000-square-metre production facility in Roche La Moliere, France. A building permit application was recently filed, with delivery expected by 2020.

Olivo Cold Logistics is an internationally recognised leader in conteneur isotherme. Temperature control is an essential concern in all countries, so OLIVO exports its expertise and French staff to ensure that your products stay at a suitable temperature. Olivo employs bilingual staff to ensure that your customers receive the highest quality products. Its expertise extends into the health and pharmaceutical industries, and the company provides a variety of solutions to keep their products at a safe temperature.

OLIVO CONTAINS are equipped with refrigeration systems for transport of temperature-sensitive products. These can keep a desired temperature for up to 24 hours and are compatible with refrigerated vehicles. The company also offers systems for transporting goods at ambient temperatures. Olivo also has a full range of refrigerated vehicles, ensuring that your product remains fresh and at the proper temperature. If you need a refrigeration vehicle to meet your requirements, you can opt for an insulated container.

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